babyquilt III - fuzzy cut

28. Februar 2006
yesterday i was stash-diving again. this time for sandy beiges, some yellows and earthy tones. don´t have many of these, as i usually don´t like those colors. but i need a "beach" for the quilt, so here´s what i found:

i love the fabrics with the printed shells!
then i cut the blocks (did i mention that i don´t like cutting with templates? it´s so time-consuming!) and laid them out on my cutting table.
i need to do this because i don´t have a design-wall and want to audition the fabrics before sewing.

as you can see i used dark brown shades as well as bright yellow, off-white and even a muddy green. there´s often a kind of grass growing on the northern shore, but it´s mostly colored brown-green. there´s also a small amount of blue... maybe a wave runs out on the sand?

and i finished the first quarter of the center top (the sea):

i´m rather satisfied with the result, though it could be better. but i like it :)

hope i will get to sew today because i have to pack my things for the music academy, where i will be for the next five days. our quire will record a cd and we booked the recording studio of this academy from wednesday to sunday. we will record the songs our conductor himself has written. hopefully the cd turns out well... keep your fingers crossed ;)

hope you´ll check back some time later.

babyquilt II - cutting pain

25. Februar 2006
also i began cutting the blocks for my sisters quilt yesterday.
first, i was stash-diving for blue fabrics:

i´ll not use them all, but i like having a bigger selection while i cut. and ladies, the cutting was pain! i only cut the pieces for four blocks (the sea-blocks), because there´s some template-cutting included. if this wasn´t for my little baby-sister, i wouldn´t do this.
here the blocks are partially laid out on my cutting-table:

maybe i´ll change some fabrics in the process, but mainly i think it´s okay. i want the blocks to have all shades of the sea... dark blue, some seaweed-green, light blue and blue-green.
the fabrics with fishes on it were cut with an eye on the design, so you can see some of the fish and seahorses when the pieces are sewn together.
later i´ll sew the blocks together, hoping that i cut right.... ^^

babyquilt I - design decisions.

23. Februar 2006
i finally found the design for my sisters baby-quilt. *proud*
it´s mainly made of classic blocks called "storm at the sea" which i found just right for her, wishing to have a lighthouse pictured on the quilt.
i love classic and clear designs for my baby-quilts. no fuzz, no embellishments. washable, usable and cuddly.

back to topic.
the sats-blocks measures 12 x 12" (ca. 30 x 30 cm), so the size of the pieces allow me to play with some patterned fabric if i want to have some fishes swimming in my sea-blocks or some flowers to bloom at the beach. i´ll see what´s in my fq-stash.
finished size of the quilt will be about 60 x 60" (ca. 150 x 150 cm), depending on the border width. i´m not sure about borders yet. maybe i´ll make two smaller solid-color borders in different widths, but this is a last-minute choice and not the problem right now.

the colors and fabrics i used to design the quilt (using quilt pro v4) are NOT the ones i actually will use - it´s just a guide for me to have an eye on the shading of the whole appearance of the finished piece.

until now i don´t know if i will sew the quilt giving it a more "scrappy" look like this:

or if i make the sky in only two shades of light blue to "calm down" the whole colorscheme:

next choice: the lighthouse.
the lighthouse you see pictured on my quilt is of my own design, as in books or online i only found patterns for american or canadian lighthouses. that wasn´t what i wanted, though i´m still considering this one as a "maybe a good choice":

this picture ist taken from the book "shoreline quilts" and i´d just have to mirror the pattern and enlarge it a little bit. the pattern is nice, but i wanted something more "personal", so i took a picture of a lighthouse called "westerhever sand" (which is located in northern germany) and made a paper-piecing-pattern from it as good as i could.
we´ve been there many times with our parents when we visited our grandma and grandpa, so i thought about this lighthouse as a good choice as well. the finished lighthouse-block would be about 20" high.

and - beat me! - there´s a third possibility.... doing the whole quilt in "storm-at-the-sea"-blocks and then APPLIQUE the lighthouse in place! this would be my favourite yet most time-consuming choice of all, as i then would do the appliqué by hand as i have done this quilt. with slight adaptions (like getting rid of the fence) i could work directly from this picture:

the time-factor is a huge problem, as the baby shall arrive april, 3rd. plus i don´t know if handappliqué would work well on a baby-quilt wich will often be washed?!? and machine applique would be hell with all those tiny little shapes of the windows, so i don´t want to do that!

what do you think?