babyquilt IV - 2nd best

15. März 2006
yesterday i finished the 2nd quarter of dsis babyquilt, namely the shore:

i´m rather satisfied though i made some HUGE mistakes. but as bob ross says: there are no mistakes. just "happy little accidents".
yesterday those happy little accidents almost made me rip all the seams and throw the pieces away. some points are not as sharp as they are supposed to be. i won´t win a flowerpot with this quilt, but that isn´t what i want, right?! a labour of love this is...

nevertheless: Note to self: when sewing a storm-at-sea-block, USE PAPERPIECING!

i´d rather had used paperpiecing from the beginning. it may be boring to sew, but it´s accurate and less time-consuming then cutting from templates. what did i think to start template-cutting? (obviously nothing. but nevermind.)
now i have to stay with this technique.

well, little ian will hopefully like this quilt in spite of all it´s mistakes.

also, thanks for your wishing well, i indeed feel better and hope to completely get rid of my sickness within this week.

i noticed that i didn´t tell you about our recording at the music academy i mentioned earlier. as there are more recordings for our band, the strings (ehm... you know, the violinists etc. - i don´t know the exact word) and for our soloists, i will tell you the results when it´s all done. but our conductor was rather satisfied with the quire. whatever that means ;)
it was fun, anyway!

hope you have a nice day and where you are it´s not as cold as it´s here.