new look

27. Mai 2006
... pattern no. 6160

sleeveless shirt with contrast neck band and yoke.
okay, no contrast here - but a different fabric.
i love the look of the main fabric. now i´m thinking about a shrug or matching sleeves that can be worn if needed...

shirt shirt-d

... and maybe a little skull-appliqué on the shoulder? O.ô

i´m ready.
where´s the sun???? anyone seen it for the last two weeks?

How to customize your fabric: Lino printing

13. Mai 2006
this one´s a special for yours truly. she knows, why :)

the idea for doing some linocutting and -printing grew bigger when i visited jens blog and (how so often) admired her work. her posts about gocco and linoprinting were somehow inspiring and as i at this time don´t want to buy a gocco-machine i thought to give linoprinting a try. some years ago i did much linocutting for christmas-cards etc., so i already had the basic materials at home.


there´s a new skirt in town

10. Mai 2006
after HOURS of ... guess!... no, not sewing but FOLDING i can proudly announce a new skirt.
the pattern comes from the actual mrs. stylebook (early summer edition 06):

MSB-Early Summer 06 Pic of Skirt pg. 55 Pattern Scheme

i drafted the pattern and cut it already last week, but as everytime something else kept me from sewing.
there was this beautiful rose-embroidered poplin i ordered at eQuilter some time ago. it was still there, waiting for the right pattern to come along.

The fabric is crisp, but not really stiff. Because of the thickness and the "grip" of the fabric i decided not to gather it at the waistband as indicated on the pattern, but to make pleats. not knowing in which direction i wanted the pleats, i chose inverted pleats.
... an dieser stelle ein dickes dankeschön an die one and only helfe-elfe, die mir mit ganz wunderbarer faltenrock-mathematik ausgeholfen hat! wer wüßte nicht... hüfte minus taille durch vier plus faltentiefe ist dann ..... ;)
Fork folded pleats

after having mathematical help from the mentioned helfe-elfe i decided to use a fork to make the pleats somehow equal. the technique is desribed at sew´n´sushis homepage.
i wanted this skirt because it looked interesting - the seamwidth is smaller than the width at the waist. looks like a tulip, if you ask me :)
the hem was eliminated, i prefered to add a hem facing as described in threads magazine no. 124. as my fabric didn´t need more embellishment this was made to add some "weight" to the hemline, now the skirt is perfectly to wear.

a zipper was inserted at the left side seam and a snap button at the waistband. normally i would have prefered a standard black button, but my machine thought different. after the first buttonhole failed because of missing transport of my machine i ripped it and used soluble web and tried again. after opening the buttonhole, i didn´t even need to rip it. it was just ... gone...
so i ripped the whole waisband, cut a new one and decided to go with that snap button. life can be so easy...

and now pueppi presents the new skirt with elegance and grace, as usual:

Finished Skirt

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