some japanese goodies

19. Juli 2006
to brighten up my day!

last week i ordered some small items at kumis shop "atelier jade" in japan. she had this lovely cram cream tape that i just needed to have, and i found some more nice little things that i ordered right away. as i knew she was very busy with a fair she was invited to sell her selfmade things i thought it might take a while before my order arrived - but to my astonishment it already arrived yesterday in the evening!


there are some goldfish stickers saying "happy hot summer" (btw: my happy-hot-summer goldfish is available at etsy), some origami paper to fold cute little dresses, some putidepome-ribbon to embellish my nephew´s next pants, the cram cream tape and two pieces of lovely, summer-styled fabric ^^
thank you for your superfast shipping, kumi!

another cheer-up arrived in form of a new book:


some very nice patterns for small bags are included. and i love to look at those advertisements, though all the japanese shops don´t provide an english site, so you don´t even have the *chance* to order something. damn! very cute fabrics and some hot-hot-hot notions for bagmaking!
to spy inside the mag, click here.

and - last but not least - the whiplash bag competition has ended. be sure to go there and browse the bags - there are some real inspiring and pretty ones to see!

after browsing them you may want to leave your "vote" for your favoured bag(s) in this whipup blog entry. i´m sure you´ll find more faves than you might think! ^^

sew wrapped up

7. Juli 2006
as wrap dresses are up to date these days i thought i might have one, too.
two weeks ago there was the high summer 2006 issue of "mrs. stylebook" in my mailbox.

Mrs. Style Book

as i was "wrapped up" in my projects for the wedding i just browsed the magazine, but did not sew anything from it.
leafing through the mag again last weekend i recognized that they provided a little extra this time: a full-size pattern for modell 1 - 5 from this issue! what a surprise! no drafting neccessary - just plain copying and you´re ready to go!
(modell no. 1 - 5 are based on the same pattern, so actually they don´t give you 5 patterns, but 1 that can be altered...)
i decided for modell no. 1: a wrap dress

Dress Dress

of course i didn´t want to look like a dead chicken (i´m sorry, but the color-combination of the models skin and the main dress color just make me think of a dead, naked chicken... or a dead roll, if you prefer... though the model´s very pretty) so i took some flower fabric (yes!) from my stash and sat down to sew.

this dress was easy as a wink, mainly because i didn´t need to draft the pattern, i didn´t need to alter the pattern and it isn´t lined. plain, brainless sewing. no thinking, no fuss. that´s the way i like it ^.^

wrap dress wrap dress, backside

it´s very flowery, but the flowers are on a black ground. think i can handle this.

and (not joking!) i used the fabrics left side as the right side. believe me: the "real" right side is MUCH louder! on the left side the pattern looked "vintage" to me, so i decided to turn the fabric.
there´s no hem on the skirt, as hemming would have revealed my knees, which i don´t like. you´ll hardly see me in anything that doesn´t cover up my knees, so i just bias-bound the hem, which makes it stand out a little. i quite like it.
this dress is just for me to wear in and around my house. it´s not supposed to be seen in my office or somewhere else. it´s lightweight and fluttering. good when it´s just hot-hot-hot and everything you wear just feels "too much".

that´s all i got for this week... hope you have nice and stress-free weekends!

my best friend´s wedding

4. Juli 2006
and how the dress turned out.

first of all: the wedding was on saturday and it was wonderful. it took place in a small castle and the surrounding, the weather, the food - everything was perfect.

as "best man" for my friend (or is it called "best woman" in my case?) i wanted to have a nice outfit, but nothing that would be too overdressed. as you remember, i started to sew my wedding dress ten days ago and took the pattern from the book "simple chic" by machiko kayaki.
i don´t tell you every bit of sewing, i´ll just show the finished piece:

frontbackside breast area

okay, the pic of the backside and the invisible zipper is a bit crooked, but you´ll have to live with that. maybe there will be some pics from the wedding and me wearing it, but i haven´t seen them now. maybe i need to censor them.
in the end i´m pretty satisfied with how it turned out, though it´s not perfect. it fits well, and that´s what counts, don´t you agree?
i prolonged the satin ribbons that go around the neckline to tie it around the waist and bind it in the back. dh liked it as "it *breaks* the pattern", as he said.

the dress was finished with the last stitches by hand at 2 o´clock in the morning before the wedding took place. *phew!*

in the meantime (after making the bag and while finishing my dress) i also made the ring pillow (or is it called ring cushion?) for the wedding, for the first time ever using the embroidery part of my sewing machine.
this is the testrun... still searching the right colors for the initials i wanted to embroider to the heart shaped pillow:


i wanted to stay in the color scheme of the brides dress and her new dhs clothes, so there was the choice between off-white and a deep, golden brown. finally i decided to take both.


i covered one side with crocheted vintage lace that matched her dress. the pic is a bit dark, you´ll have to imagine the colors off-white and golden brown.... this photo was taken at midnight, so no-one can really blame me being a bad photographer.

and... last but not least the wedding magazine was finished.


someone asked if i work well when under pressure. well, i need to admit that at least i DO work, when i´m under pressure. normally i´m a friend of the "long bench"... ^^

anyway. thank you for your helping thoughts with the dress!
next thing from this book is surely to come whenever i find the time, but first there´s a ball coming up at july 29th and i need a *long* robe... we´ll see what happens *g*