DIY: Organize your trim & get crafty!

28. August 2006
One of my biggest problems is organizing all the small stuff I own... buttons, pearls, trim.
I got small boxes for the buttons, even smaller ones for beads and pearls and I have boxes for zippers and thread spools - but my trim is a mess.
It´s a big knotted ball, no matter how I try to wind or roll it, after a few days it´s a gordic knot once again.

Do you experience the same problems?
Join me in getting organized AND feel crafty while doing so:

as i promised

21. August 2006
some sewing stuff!
last week i WAS sewing. not much, though.
this is what came out: mcCalls 4872. close fitting, but with wide sleeves.


picture of backside found here.
the shirt fits well, but i usually don´t wear something that is *that* fitted. the neckline also seems to be too wide for my taste.
anyway, it´s SO nice to wear. very comfy! :)

fabric for the body is bought in aschaffenburg, the black jersey for the sleeves comes from my local fabric store.

let me also mention that the whiplash competition for august has ended. be sure to see all the great entries listed, there are so many great and inspiring things to see!
then you may vote for your favorites in this whipup-entry.
(as i was asked before: yes, everyone can vote. it isn´t neccessary to be a member of the site and it doesn´t matter if you took part in the actual competition.)

have a nice week and a lot of fun browsing!

The transvestite shirt tutorial or How to turn a men's shirt into a blouse

12. August 2006
new month, a new challenge from whiplash:
this time, it´s "wardrobe surgury", which doesn´t tell me anything at the start, as i´m more a "sew new" than a "refashionista".
well, that´s part of a challenge, isn´t it? try something new - in the end you´re successful or you fail.
for larger views of the pictures, please click on them. thanks! ^.^

my wardrobe was radically sorted out in spring, so there really was nothing i could (or wanted) to change in any way. but i´m kind of smart... i read the rules... they don´t say you have to stay in your OWN wardrobe... *evilgrin*
so i dived right into the husbands wardrobe and luckily found a dress shirt that he surely doesn´t need anymore (at least he won´t need it anymore when i´m finished with it...)


7. August 2006
lacey by knitty really took me loooong to finish.
i´m not a perfect knitter. never was & probably never will be, but it´s fun to do, so i just knit when "it comes over me".

with lacey i´m pretty satisfied, though somewhere in between there suddenly was one stitch more on my needle... nevermind - i just k2tog the next row *coughcough*.
today i took some pics to share with you:

lacey-front lacey-back

a detail shot of the lace pattern can be seen here.

for my version i used lace weight mohair yarn by junghans.

to see the original please follow the link to the knitty archives.

obviously other people did like this pattern, too: have a look here, here and here, then go and get you some yarn and needles!