boo to you!

31. Oktober 2006

today´s halloween. so: BOO!

we´ll have our annual dinner, celebrating samhain, now and then disturbed by kids asking for treats.
(f.y.i: the new issue of the anticraft is online!)

i spent the last days preparing, decorating and carving pumpkins. this years lanterns are better than last years, but i still try to figure out the fine work of carving.

another reason to celebrate is the bloggiversary of your favourite madhatters blog (if you don´t know what i´m talking about: it´s THIS very blog...*eg*). one year of nonsense and still you stick with me... and it´s amazing to see where you all come from (yes, i spy...)!
of course i´m aware that my first post wasn´t exactly on halloween, but hey - it´s my blog. i can do what i want! *g*

and because halloween is a trick-or-treat-thing and anniversaries just scream for presents, i thought of a little treat for you:
pretending that 99,9% of my dear readers are (golden?) girls i´ll give away a zippered wristlet in your preferred color combination & a matching coin purse.all you have to do is leave a comment till sunday. then i´ll have my sister (or her dogs...) drawing a winner.
as i can´t e-mail you directly because blogger doesn´t have this wonderful feature, please stay tuned. ;)

hope you´ll have a boo-tiful all hallows eve. i´ll be sure to have fun.

mom´s the best

26. Oktober 2006
of course i know that everyone has the best mom ever, but mine is the "bestest"!
she went to the doc yesterday (just for a checkup), and walking back to her car a stand at the flea market caught her eye. now - look what she found for me:

burda world of fashion - burda international

it´s stylish. it´s hip. and it comes with the patterns - YAY!
she said "they didn´t have any older issues, but maybe you´ll like this one anyway?" and hell, i do!
you know, i´m not very into the 70s style and my mom is aware of this, but i think some patterns are adjustable, and i love old mags for their advertisements.
here and here are additional insights fyi.

it´s those small things that makes me think i have the best mom ever. being aware that she´s thinking of me in an unexpected moment.

and... don´t get me wrong... of course my mom´s the "bestest" every day. not only when she brings me presents ;)


18. Oktober 2006
i didn´t want to participate this months whiplash. really... i just thought i couldn´t find the time to "whip up" something so quick, as my time was already planned up. then on monday i read that the deadline has been extended for two days. TWO DAYS!


i tried to resist, but - i lost the struggle. so, here it is. whipped up yesterday and finished today: the JIGAMATHINGROUNDYOURNECK shawl/collar.
the problem was to name it somehow, so today i took it over to my sister to show her and to ask for advice on a name. the moment i put it on my brother in law came into the room, had a quick look at me, raised his eyebrow and asked "what´s that jigamathing round your neck?" ... well, so here it is, and it´s easy as pie:

Gimme Moor!

15. Oktober 2006
this late week really could have been called "late summer".
bright, sunny days - but with the awareness and the smell of fall in the air. i love those days.

we took one afternoon off and drove over to the rhön (here is a german link with even more information), a biosphere reserve about 45 mins away from our doorstep.
we spent that day in one of two moors in the rhön, namely the "schwarze moor" (= black moor).
an eye
after this area was made an biosphere reserve in 1991 they made a very interesting educational trail through it, and i really like to go there. though i don´t go because of education, THIS time i couldn´t resist my curiosity and just needed to FEEL the swamp.
was kind of muddy....
action research shaddow play
first time i´ve been there with my class when i was in 2nd grade (it was a lesson about turf/peat), but the moor looks different every time.
it´s beautiful over there in autumn, though i couldn´t say which is my favourite season to go there.
(note to elfy: we already searched for dead elves in the eyes we saw, but there weren´t any. just if you wondered...)
after our walk we went to a *really old* café in an open-air-museum where we had some home made "kirschstreusel" and tea, then visited a small shop where their farm products are sold (you´ve never-ever tasted ham or yoghurt like THAT, belive me!) and went home with our fresh "bio-dinner kit".

it was a day of pure fun. nothing that bothered me, no hurry, just relaxation. plain FUN!
family portrait
as far as anyone knows, we´re a nice, normal family...
more pics (including some nature, not only precious little self) can be found on flickr.

neverending story

7. Oktober 2006
LISTS are a neverending story.
bad: my to-do-list.
worse: my to-do-list, the sequel.
worst: my i-want-to-do-list.

the latter was prolonged today *sigh*. first, my order from rohrspatz und wollmeise arrived, beautifully packed and containing the most wonderful, red, soft hand-dyed yarn ever:

Wilder Mohn

this one fine day will be "serrano" by knitty... well, if i ever will finish dh´s vest ô.O

i also received a booklet which i desperately was waiting for over the past months

Fashion Outlines

as far as i can see now it was worth my patience.
of course, this makes the last list even longer.
especially for yt there´s an insight here and there. like it? XD

bad conscience is calling, but i just ignore it.
the list(s) will grow, and hopefully i will "grow" along - whenever i find the time to finally DO what i WANT TO...