Bring me back to life

29. November 2006
First of all: Thank you for your kind comments on my win! Nice of you not to say that there weren´t many entries (but, you know - I´m aware of it!) *gg*.

In the meanwhile my huge cold/tonsilitis is nearly gone and I hope that till our big concert on saturday I will be completely healed.
Some of you know that I sing in a choir, and our concert will be on saturday, as I said. We worked on the songs and everything for a whole year now, and I hope it will be a success for us.
Little of my dear readers know that I´m the "silent speaker" of our choir, so I was working double shifts - singing, learning the text and learning the sign language for it. You can bet those last two weeks were BUSY, and it will be until saturday. I still need to alter my suit... *sigh*

Alongside of job and singing I sent away some packages those last days, happy to finally get them done. Anea was very patient (THANK YOU!!!) and waited very long for her bloggiversary-win. Here´s a sneak peek of what was sent out to her:


as usual, there are more pictures on flickr.
Thank you Anea for letting me know that you like it! I´m very glad about it and I´m proud that it matched your taste. :)

I also finished something i begun earlier. Remember? Socks. Two is a pair...:

Two is a pair

Last but not least I made some of these,

got wings?

but that´s a story I´ll tell you another day.

Speaking of this, I can promise you some "last minute christmas gift" patterns and tutorials within the next weeks. You may stay tuned, if you want.

But for now - just keep fingers crossed for saturday.

For your records

20. November 2006
whiplash theme for november is "alt craft".
Something I really couldn´t feel related to in the first moment. I´m not alternative, and I feel deeply sorry for it, but I´m not the kind of girl who would wear a skirt made from cans of a well-known softdrink... *g*
Not that I don´t like alt crafts. There are hundreds of beautiful things, but I just don´t get the feeling... the mood... I´m too square for it, I think.

Anyway... I´m doing some christmas crafting right now and suddenly it came across my mind that what I actually did for a cousin might match into the "alternative" scheme, so I enter this purse into this month competition:


About an hour ago it still looked like a little hedgehog, but now it´s finished and ready to be a christmas present for a nice young lady with a faible for handbags and two left hands. She always asks for selfmade presents, so what might be better for her?!

This purse is made from old records - you can see the covers in the background. For those who might recognize them: It´s Roy Black and Christian Anders... (please imagine a maniac laughter at this point... I just HAD to CUT them DOWN!)

fabrics carry

I added a small pocket for her cell phone in the lining because I know that she always seeks for her cell (must run in the family, I think... just like searching the keys)


Some of my returning visitors know that I´ve made purses like that one before - for myself, for charlotte and for my sister, but it took me until now to recognize that maybe what I do is considered "alternative" in a wider range.

Well, so I´m alternative. a bit. a tiny little bit.
Good to know - and thank you, whip up! You always make me think different and force me to find out new things.

*** EDIT on Dec., 30th: Due to somehow high interest in this bag it will be available in my shop. After seeing some copies I decided so. ***

Skirt á la carte

19. November 2006
I´ve catched a heavy cold, I´m coughing (and it´s painful!) and sneezing all the time. As I can´t go out anyway I thought I could use this chance to catch up with my reports... This skirt was already finished a week ago:
self portrait
The book "Skirt á la carte" by Machiko Kayaki
skir á la carte
has been on my bookshelf for quite some time, and now that I found the perfect fabric that matched my imagination for this model from the book, I finally decided to SEW instead of just looking at it.
I added a lining as well as a facing around waist and hemline, as I liked the "clean" look better, and the fabric surely would have "climbed up" my tights, and that´s really a thing I *hate*.
Is there anyone out there who can tell me why they NEVER use linings in japanese sewing books? That´s not only in this book but in almost all I own. No lining. Not in skirts, not in jackets, not in dresses. Weird...

On this skirt i´m very proud of the invisible zipper... almost perfect *gg*.
The skirt sits low on the hips and cries out for a belt (bad thing i don´t own any belts...)
another shot of the skirt can be found here. On this picture you can see that the hemline stands out a little - I pretty much like the look, it´s so flattering...

Unfortunately none of the photos shows the nice pintucks, but you can see them on the instruction sheet, so just use your imagination.

Due to my heavy cold I just sew some smallish things at the moment, mostly christmas presents. Early bird, I am...
Hope you folks are well and had a wonderful weekend!

one word meme

16. November 2006
Stolen from Amelie. Just a short sign of life, and you know I can´t resist memes!

1. Yourself: stressed.
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend: busy
3. Your hair: cut!
4. Your mother: loving.
5. Your father: gone.
6. Your favorite item: this.
7. Your dream last night: weird.
8. Your favorite drink: tea.
9. Your dream car: porsche!
10. The room you are in: mine.
11. Your ex: wrong.
12. Your fear: loss.
13. What you want to be in 10 years: satisfied.
14. Who you hung out with last night: friends.
15. What you’re not: tidy.
16. Muffins: yes!
17: One of your wish list items: time
18: Time: evening.
19. The last thing you did: gardening.
20. What you are wearing: clothes?!?
21. Your favorite weather: comfortable.
22. Your favorite book: many.
23. The last thing you ate: lebkuchen.
24. Your life: square.
25. Your mood: swaying.
26. Your best friend (s): rare.
27. What are you thinking about right now: sewing.
28. Your car: green!
29. What are you doing at the moment: ....?!?
30. Your summer: hot.
31. Your relationship status: married.
32. What is on your tv: nothing.
33. What is the weather like: foggy.
34. When is the last time you laughed: 1 hour ago.

And you?

a half bluefish.

10. November 2006
you know, i´ve been searching for the perfect use of the yarn i won a while ago and i really was tempted to knit up a lacy scarf, but couldn´t find a pattern that seemed to "suit" the wool.
now i decided that the perfect way to knit up this yarn would be SOCKS!

then... *sigh* came across my mind that i never-ever knit socks before. how should i be able to knit a pair of socks that would be wearable in the end? neither have i done a heel before... nor a toe... all knitted socks i own are made by my grandma.
i´ve searched for a pattern that may be suitable for a beginner, but didn´t find one that seemed to be all-in-one: beautiful AND easy.
finally, i decided to use the pattern that attracted me most and was at least two-in-one: lace AND socks.

so... may i introcuce my dear readers to the first half of pomatomus?


*muhahahaha* it took me a week, but I DID IT! socks! with heel and toe and everything. i´m so proud of myself, i´m almost bursting my vest!
okay, my other foot still is barenaked,


but after the first sock - what could be worse? nothing can stop me now (please imagine an evil laughter at this point)!

the heel seems to be worked different than my grandma does it. this one was easy (i admit: the pattern was clear & good!), but my grandma´s version looks better and seems to be more... "durable".

now that i found out that knitting a sock isn´t as hard as i always thought, there seem to be tempting socks everywhere i go... hundreds of them in blogland!

hopefully there´s not another addiction in sight. i can´t afford to have one more!

go and see more "pomatomusses" on flickr - i´m off, beginning the other one. my other foot gets cold... *gg*

dogs eat a lot.

7. November 2006
no. of course the dogs didn´t eat the lots...


they were just drawing the winner of my bloggiversary giveaway:

dog eats winner?

 they could not decide who draws, so they both put their curious little noses into the bowl and finally spit out a name.

and the winner is

as you may see they just wanted to draw and then chew on the winner. no chance for me to get the lot back "alive". it was quite a success that they didn´t eat it *grin*.

anyway... anea, please submit your color preference(s) and adress to me: madhatter[a-t]couchpiraten[d-o-t]de
now, i´m not sure if i should congratulate or condole for being the future owner of something sewn by me, but you may tell me afterwards! ^.^