Japanese (sewing) book review

31. Dezember 2006
I found out that my blog often is viewed by people seeking for japanese craft books (like my Mrs Stylebook o.o.) and I´m pretty sorry that they might not find what they want - Some information about the books they´ve seen on flickr or elsewhere.
So I decided to give (subjective!) reviews about my latest finds of japanese goodies, hoping you enjoy it.

travaux et mode

"Travaux et mode" ... Skirts, skirts, skirts. All based on the same, simple Pattern which is altered and embellished different ways.
There are no patterns in original size. You´ll have to draft the skirts pattern from your own measurements as well as you´ll have to play around with the embellishments, appliqués and embroidery. A nice book with cute pictures - quite inspiring to see what one can do with a plain skirt.
Drafting and sewing the skirt is pictured very well, so everyone can do it.
Also very nice ideas how you can refashion some of your old skirts!
Rate: Worth the money.

Black is beautiful

I can´t read the title, but I call it "Black is beautiful", because all clothes in this book are BLACK. Perfect for me, obviously.
Patterns are given in original size from S to LL. Measurements in the charts are taken from the finished piece, those are NOT body measurements.
This book features blouses, skirts, jackets and a coat. All things have a very clean, clear look and are somehow "Yamamoto", if you know what I mean.
Rate: Four of five stars. Though there´s nothing really "new" in it it´s very stylish and I´ll surely have an eye on getting more from Watanabe Sato.

sewing talk

"Sewing talk" by - guess! - Yes, by Machiko Kayaki. Another book from her, and again filled with beautiful clothes in a very simple style. This time, she features linen and linen blends with a crinkly look.
Rate: Well. She´s my queen, but this book surely isn´t her best.

crochet motif item

"Crochet motif item"
A book I ordered "blind", and that´s what I might have been.
Many things made from granny squares or crochet flowers and stuff. Pincushions, aprons, shawls, scarfs, handbags... I really like what´s inside (and I know you do!), but they use about 100 colors for each single crochet motif (okay, maybe that´s a little exaggeration). Hey - where´s the fun part? I´ll have to "weave in loose ends" till I die!
Rate: Beautiful. Wonderful. A feast for the eye.
I never ever will make something out of it. Still waiting for the fairy goodmother to bring me an automatic "weave-loose-ends-in-thingie". Then I might give the apron and the hoodie a try.

pattern magic

Last, but not least: "Pattern magic"... What to say about this magical book? It´s all about unusual ways to cut apart and alter a pattern, to insert pieces and to give pretty normal things a one of a kind style.
There are no patterns in original size. You´ll have to draft a basic sloper from your own measurements. On this base you´ll be able to draft and alter the patterns for blouses, pullovers and dresses.
Though the pictures in this book are pretty good, it´s not the "typical japanese step by step style", so be careful.
The photographs are very beautifully made and concentrate on the fashion. No fuss, no decorations. I love it!
Rate: THIS. IS. WHAT. I. WANTED. Worth every damn dime.

More pictures from the books can be seen on flickr.

*** FYI: Patterns will be too short if you´re taller than 160 cm, you´ll have to alter them. This counts for almost all japanese patterns except those you draft yourself! ***


29. Dezember 2006
My WIP. Or, my WWP (work without progress) these days:

wip ...

A blazer (or jacket), again drafted from Mrs. Stylebook. While the drafting went on pretty well - I failed while cutting. I forgot to switch my brain ON. Can´t believe it. You might call me dumbass, now.

I´m trying to save it somehow. If it works, there will be more pics. If not, you´ll see me crying.
Just don´t ask. This pic is just to prove I´m still sewing.

Anyways, today a parcel arrived with some japanese craft books. *yay!* (see that silver line on the horizon?)
I´ll post pics as soon as possible. You know, nighttime is not the time to take good pictures. I´ve tried.

Merry christmas

24. Dezember 2006
or God Jul!
merry christmas

Pics of decoration, presents and all the other sidestuff within the next days - I´m trying to catch up a little after those busy days of making and getting and fixing and decorating...

On days like this I´m thankful for being blessed with a loving family and caring friends, some of whom I´ve met (only) online.

Hope you all have a peaceful day with your beloved ones, no matter if you celebrate christmas or jul or whatever-comes-to-your-mind.

Last Minute Christmas Gift: Felt Mobile

12. Dezember 2006
Last minute christmas gifts, the second. Again used: woolfelt. This time you´ll only need some scraps. The quality I´ve used here is the same as for the napkin rings. Further you´ll need some crochet yarn, pearls or beads and a dowel rod.
Depending on your material and eventually premade parts, this could be done in 30 minutes.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts: Angel Wings Napkin Rings From Woolfelt

4. Dezember 2006
As I promised here´s the first tutorial titled "Last Minute Christmas Gifts".
If I hadn´t the "last minute", I would do NOTHING at all and I think there are some of you who may share my little problem... (or at least I hope so.)
napkins with wings