From beginning to end - and back

31. Dezember 2007
I want to end the "old" year like I want to start the new one - SEWING.

It just doesn't seem appropriate to end 2007 with a knitting posting - I'm not really a knitter, remember?! Though I have to admit that I like it a lot and that meanwhile my to-knit-list is almost as long as my to-sew-list (not to mention the stash)!

This dress was finished on Dec. 25th, 5 minutes before 12, meaning 5 minutes before we were leaving for the annual christmas lunch with the in-laws. A few months ago I would have said that I wouldn't be caught dead in something similar...


I had a little more than 1 m of a black wool suiting laying around which was just enough to make model no. 111 from the January 2004 BWOF with a raised hemline - a quick sew, if you ask me. AND it goes well with my new boots... ♥

It didn't require any facings or much interlining, the invisible zipper is sewn in in a wink, the lining is bagged and finished through the shoulder seams.
Armholes and neckline of both, lining and outside fabric, are interlined with bias tape so they won't get out of shape.


For the first time I've machine sewn the lining to the zipper tabs, but it didn't really saved me time in comparison to hand sewing. Of course, with some excercise this might go pretty smooth.
There's a better picture of the dress on Püppi - light isn't great these days, and indoor shots are almost impossible, and I wasn't willing to go outside sleeveless.

Short dress, short blogentry.
This already was the last posting for 2007. Next time I'll see/read you it will be a new year, though I hope we all will basically stay the same. Happy new year, my friends!

Bubbles and baubles

27. Dezember 2007
Two days before I put the baubles on our tree, I finished some bubbles - namely the "Bubbly Jacket", as I used to call it.

Bubbly Jacket

Knit as a christmas present for my sister I decided that this surely was the last time that I knit anything with so many bobbles - cables are SO much easier!

The jacket is comfy and cozy... it's warm and it fits... and most important - she likes it! ^-^
Though I used exactly the yarn the pattern called for, my gauge run incredibly small. I was forced to knit a size bigger than my sister actually wears, and it seems it was just right to decide so.
Backside, collar and sleeves are knit in garter stitch, cuffs and front are made using the bobble pattern. I also like how the seams in this piece turned out - almost invisible. A lot of ripping included... and a LOT of loose ends to weave in. I did that "in progress", so I dind't have a hundred ends at one time... a little psychological trick helping me not to drive nuts about that one ;)

Bubbly Jacket

It took me forever to finish it, but now it's done. I'm happy with the result and even more happy that sisterMad does like it.
I got lots of stuff to post... wonderful presents I got, some presents I sent away, some things I finished a minute ago... but I will keep those for another day.

I'm off. Need to look at the most beautiful christmas tree in the world for some minutes! (Yes, I might be prejudiced...) ^-^

Sorry for the bad pics - I couldn't use my own camera and was unfamiliar with the one I used, so I got blurry pics in any lightning and at any angle.

Merry Christmas!

22. Dezember 2007
Wishing all my dear friends out there a Merry Christmas!

Hope your christmas will be like it was in your childhood... without big expectations, but filled with love, warmth and amazement!

Merry Christmas!


16. Dezember 2007

She would make the PERFECT last-minute present... if you are still on the run, go and make one of those!
I knit my new cozy neckwarmer up in an evening, while watching "Around the Wold in 80 days" (yes, the old version). It took me only some remnants from my Wicked sweater (a little more than 1 skein of the wool I used for the collar) and a fabric covered button.
With all the stress of sewing custom knitting needle rolls for the shop and making small presents for my relatives and friends I just needed the feeling of doing something for myself (besides buying those glorious new boots yesterday... *gg*) - well, here it is: My personal make-me-feel-good-treatment.


Pattern: TUDORA by knitty.
Knit on 4.5 mm circular needles.

Loving it. ♥
Feeling very "Elisabeth" in it.

Hope you find the time to treat yourself good, too!

EDIT: Same day, in the evening.
This WAS my collar. It isn't anymore. My friend loved this so much, she literally "ripped" it from my neck... so now it's her christmas present.
We both are happy (for different reasons). Could it be better?!

A fairytale

3. Dezember 2007

Snow White Scarf

"Long, long ago, in the winter-time, when the snowflakes were falling like little white feathers from the sky, a beautiful Queen sat beside her window, which was framed in black ebony, and stitched.
As she worked, she looked sometimes at the falling snow, and so it happened that she pricked her finger with her needle, so that three drops of blood fell upon the snow. How pretty the red blood looked upon the dazzling white! The Queen said to herself as she saw it, "Ah me! If only I had a dear little child with skin as white as the snow, lips as rosy as the blood, and with hair as black as the ebony window-frame."

Snow White Scarf

Snow White Scarf - birthday present for a friend and former co-worker who loves to wear little scarves to add some "diva" to her outfit.
Pattern: Rubblework Scarf by Kathy of Pink Chalk Studio - Thanks for another great pattern! ^-^

Snow White Scarf

This is a lightweight version, featuring red quilting cottons, a decent white-on-white print and black dupioni silk, backed with black cotton poplin. Obviously not for chilly winter days, but more for formal occasions where a little accessory might be needed.

To add a little sparkle, I sewed black sequins & glass beads to the intersection points. I really love the outcome. One of my fave color combinations AND it turned out beautifully!

Snow White Scarf

Kristin recently finished a "male" version of this scarf, adding in the end of her post that she found Kathy's tip very useful to press seam allowances open before turning the scarf rso, and I can absolutely second that.
As I also don't own a tailor's ham, I used what was handy... don't laugh - it was a thick wooden dowel rod... and it worked great!

I can see many more scarves in my future...! ^-^
Have a great week - enjoy whatever you do and be sure to be there on friday & wave me Hello!

Of course you recognized the quote from Snow White... for additional information go Wiki ;)

Belated, again.

29. November 2007
They finally reached their destination, my (of course) belated birthday presents for the "Helfeelfe" and the "Kampfzwerg":

Kerstin, who I fully blame for me having quite a hang to Jane Austen (or to Mr. Darcy...) now, got an embroidered pillow case (I'm still testing around with my machine, so you may oversee the mistakes...) and some other small stuff that might help her with finally BEING Mrs. Darcy (and who doesn't want to be Mrs. Darcy?!?).


The Note Taker (a wonderful pattern by Pink Chalk Studio!) went out to Charlotte, who may already use this pretty practical gift for her next seminary.



It travelled to her, along with a little bit of inspiration for her next sewing adventures.

I'm very happy everything arrived and is enjoyed by the recipients (some of my sewing heroes they are!) ^-^

Now off, doing some brainstorming for christmas.
Hope I will be finished with christmas presents until March 08, but don't fix me on a date, I'm busybusybusy!


22. November 2007
It's the same procedure every year.

My mom says "Oh, I won't make so many kinds of cookies this year."
I raise my eyebrow and say "Of course. I won't, too!"
Three days later my mom asks me "I'm at number 9. How about you?"
... O.ô

Usually we stop teasing each other at about 24, but this year we both stepped out of our little competition earlier. There's just not enough time left, , and so many presents are still undone... plus a golden rule in our house says "No baking after Dec.1st or after the "Erste Advent". Only eating! ;)


While my mom is completely finished with number 18 right now - and I remember years with 32 different kinds of "Plätzchen"-, I just started baking yesterday.
Number four was done about half an hour ago. Surely I won't reach my highscore this year, but I hope I will get more than 10.

What I wish for right now?
Or vacation.

Something useful

18. November 2007
at last...

playing around

Have a nice sunday!

Once there was a girl

14. November 2007
witch wanted to be a pirate.

Get it? *gg*

(Just in case you wonder if there's something wrong with your screen: My sister suffered a "sudden eye disfunction" today, due to my stripey stockings *g* ... )

Finally I found some time and got down to some sewing.
I set my eyes on this skirt (detail pic) from the autumn 2007 issue of my beloved Mrs. Stylebook magazine.

Drafting was done pretty quick, the decision for the perfect fabric was easy - I used a dark grey wool suiting I got from an aunt lately. She cleaned out the basement and found some fabric treasures from her late mother in law: "Do you happen to want those?" ... And you can bet I wanted them!

After cutting all pieces from the woolen fabric I recognized that there *might* be a different fabric in this skirt... to me, it did look like leather or faux leather. Damn! Do I have anything that will go with this fabric?
Some "stash diving" later I found what I wanted: Smallish remnants from my first handbag ever!


The tooled faux leather seemed just perfect for the insets at the hips and for the belt loops and the buttoned tabs at the hemline. As this leather is pretty thick I only backed it with an interlined black cotton poplin.
Of course there was a need for a hint of "ME" on this skirt... and I already bought those pirate buttons some time ago, originally thinking about an Justaucorps (for me - not for the hubby), but now they were just fine for the skirt. They give me the "oh!"-effect at the second glance. ;)

The skirt closes with an invisible zipper (my faves!) in the center backside seam. Of course the skirt is lined completely, as the fabric unfortunately tends to climb...
Front shots (laid out flat) here and here.
I'm sorry that I can't show you a nice picture this time, but the light is bad these days and I lost patience after "bad shot number 207".

Sewing was fun, wearing it actually IS fun, and though it is much shorter than my usual skirt length (usually you would NOT see my knees) I really like the way it looks.

Now I'm taking my skirt off to our choir rehearsal... have fun with whatever you do today!

From one make two

5. November 2007
As my nephew slept when I came over today and the doggies preferred to chew all my lots instead of just drawing a winner, I asked the hubby to do this.
You may forgive me not showing the chewed papers (yuck!) or the chewers, who weren't even aware of the evil deed. *gg*

All comments between Spooky night and yesterday evening (yes, I expanded the deadline...) were included. 10 in a whole. The hubby grabbed into the lots and took one. Or it should be one, but two of my papers somehow got "hooked" while mixing. Maybe I shouldn't have folded them?
After thinking a second I decided that the drawing was okay... Maybe it was fate to get two winners?


Jen and Kathy, I've e-mailed you about your win. If you didn't get my mail, please send me a short note, telling me which of the totally awesome prices [insert manic laughter here] you want. ^-^

Thanks for playing along everyone - come back and say "Hi" if you want, I think I'll be around here for a little while longer.

... for the next entry I promise some crafting without another halloween picture... think I need to get back to DO something, finally. Not much (nothing!) was done over here, but that's a different story I surely won't tell.

Take care!

Boo-tiful Halloween!

31. Oktober 2007
happy halloween!

Happy Halloween out there!
Spookiest night of the year is coming up and the dear reader might recognize that it's not only Halloween with it's annual party-preparing and dinner-cooking over here but also the second bloggiversary!
Looking back I see that many things have changed, and (as I hope) for the better. Still some of you bear with me, and I'm very grateful for this!
Bloggiversaries are traditionally made to give something away, and in spite of having a pile of to-do-projects I will keep this tradition: I'll give away either one of my own sewing patterns (the egg shaped bag or the traveling seamstress pattern) or a credit card organizer (though not the pictured one but one in your fave color...) - whatever the winner may prefer.
Between today and Friday all comments on any posting will be put in the drawing pot. Think the drawing will be on Monday, though I don't know if I let my nephew do the drawing or if the doggies again will do it. We'll see... ^-^
Now. Off to prepare "dinner for twelve" tonight. Scary.

And the winner is...

23. Oktober 2007
life in yonder!

Congrats, you've won the pattern of my Twisted Sister Sweater ^-^
The number generator had to choose from 1 - 13, and he thought a 9 would be fine.
Please send me your e-mail adress to madhatter [at] couchpiraten [dot] de so I can send out the pdf-file containing the pattern.

I hope all the others will enjoy my Gruselwusel coffin tutorial meanwhile.
"Thank you!" everyone for playing along and for your lovely comments! :)

Gruselwusel Coffin Tutorial: Halloween Treat Box DIY

21. Oktober 2007
Continuing the fun as I pronounced yesterday, here's my BOO-tiful Halloween-present for you.
It's a coffin!
Yes, a coffin!
coffin tutorial
You will need two sheets of heavyweight art- or craft paper, about 8 x 12" of size and a scalpel or cutter (fine pointed scissors will work, too).

Twisted Sister

20. Oktober 2007
One of my first japanese fashion sewing books was "Pattern Magic", by Tomoko Nakamichi.
I immediately was drawn towards this sweater... and finally decided that it was time to give it a try.
For the first time the pattern was completely made with my computer, which meant that I didn't have to spend hours kneeling on the floor, drafting. It just meant spending some 15 minutes (again: kneeling on the floor...) glueing the pattern pieces together.


Seam allowances were already included, but of course I missed to draft an extra piece for the neckline facing. Oooooh, don't worry... it was cut "freehand" and I adjusted it later in the progress of sewing... "Adventure fashion", you know?! ^-^

First I thought a heavier jersey would be a good choice, but then I decided that I wanted a different look than the one promoted in the book, so I digged out one of my treasures: An italian knit, for which I paid a hell lot of money and therefore it still waited for its chance.
It looks a bit like cobweb, sprinkled with silver dewdrops... We call that "Altweibersommer" here, but I lack the english word for it. Maybe one of my dear friends can translate that?!?
Anyways, this was the way to go.


It doesn't drape properly on Pueppi but the pictures may give you a small insight in what it looks like. Though I think it looks a lot better when I wear it. *gg*
The color of the knit is hard to picture... it's not really white, but also not a rich cream, so the truth may be somewhere between the "inside" and the "outside" picture.


The hubby said it looks a bit like a straitjacket. Well... maybe he's right, but those who know me may also find it pretty appropriate sometimes ;)

Complementary to the drafting process, the sewing was very easy to do - I just had to adjust the differential feed of my serger a little bit and off I went.
There are only two sideseams and a shoulderseam, which is twisted towards the backside.
Unlike they did in the book I added an asymmetrical neckline facing and cuffs to this sweater. The fabric I chose is so delicate that it just doesn't look good with a normal hemline, and this way I will be able to kind of adjust the twisted look by tugging the lower cuff "up" or "down".

This was a fun project! ^-^
To share the fun, I'll be giving away the pattern to one of my readers.
It will fit an US size 8 and it will be delivered as a pdf-file (HOORAY to technics!).
Comments will be numbered by appearance and the winner will be randomly drawn on Monday, 21:00 CET.
Of course I love getting your feedback either way, but if - for whatever reason - you're not interested in the pattern, please include this in your comment so someone else may get the chance. Thanks! ^-^

Please note: I recommend WARMLY to make a muslin from some knit fabric first to adjust the length to "western standards". I'm lucky to be pretty short, so the pattern is drafted to my measurements. A lot of adjusting might be included for you, so don't blame me I didn't tell you...

More fun to come, though not sewing-related:

Tease me...

The one with the straitjacket says "Have a wonderful weekend!" ^-^

Can you hear me?

18. Oktober 2007
Because this song is for you...

can you hear me?

"Songbirds" is up for sale in my shop. I hope the birdies will find a loving nest.


Whether you're singing or not - have a nice evening out there!

The Cell

16. Oktober 2007
The hubby wanted a new case for his cellphone .
A cool one.
One he could attach to his belt or to a keychain when he's test-driving.
Oh, and a cozy one, please...

The Cell

So he got one.
With belt-loop and keychain-attachment-thingie.
And the matching keychain, of course...
It was fun to make this small item, though it was hard to fumble it under the presser foot of my machine for topstitching.

There's not much time for serious sewing these days, so I think I need one, too...
Maybe in pink?

Love BirdZ

7. Oktober 2007
Love BirdZ

Obviously inspired by an old movie ("Lover come back", with the all time dream-team Doris Day and Rock Hudson) I made a smallish linen shoulder bag for ye olde shoppe (with polka-d
ot lining... love that fabric!).

Love BirdZ

I love those old films.
No thinking, no fuss.
No blood, no violence.
Just a bit of flawless entertainment for a quiet evening you want to spend with your knitting (or embroidery, in this case).

Inspiration is everywhere, sometimes we just have to open our eyes wide enough. I wonder what would come out if I watched Conan? ... ^-^

Have a nice sunday!

Lazy but busy

3. Oktober 2007
Unfortunately there's not much "real" sewing to show, and in spite of desperately needing some fitting pants and new blouses I decided to finish a pattern I was working on and to make some prototypes of my new handbags:

Ballooney Gifts

As usual the prototypes are given away, so my sister and my mom now have some new ballooney wristlets. I really liked how they turned out, and after some minor changes to the pattern I also made some for sale:

Purple Balloon

I also updated my shop with some Halloween goodies, hoping that they'll find a good home.

Halloween goodies for ye olde shoppe

See, I've done nothing, but I was busy.
Right now I'm working on a tutorial for you and I hope I will be able to share it in a couple of days. Another pattern for sale is in progress, some knitting is on the needles, sewing has to be done, birthday-presents have to be made, and there are so many final things to do in the yard...
I'm off, going to one of the many upcoming extra-rehearsals of our choir before our big concert takes place.

Can someone borrow me some time?

"Anne of Green Cables"

25. September 2007
Kent made a beautiful "cable swatch" lately, and I'm a sucker for cabled sweaters. Somehow I felt the urge to knit something cable-ish, too. Never did that before - except for some smaller cables on my Baudelaire-socks...

I fell in love with this one the moment I thumbed through the magazine:

Aran Mini Wrap

It's the "Aran Mini Wrap Sweater" - Model No. 22 from OnLine magazine, issue Autumn/Winter 2007 (scroll to the right side to see the original model)
Yarn: Linie 20 "Cora" by OnLine, colorway #44 (It's more like a lime green, the pictures don't do the yarn justice!)
Knit on 5.0 mm circular needles

I began knitting this three weeks ago. If this were a "full sized" sweater it would have driven me crazy (it wouldn't be finished by now, though). The cables are fun to knit, but it takes oh-so-long to finish just one repeat! You can't count patience for one of my good attributes, if there are any.

Funny thing that I don't like to sew knitted pieces together, but true. That's why I tend to use patterns which are worked in the round completely. This time I'm quite happy with the seams - maybe because I paid a lot of attention to it and ripped every seam at least twice until I decided they're okay.

In whole, it might not look exactly as wonderful as in the magazine, but I'm very happy with the outcome! The yarn is soft, it's warm, it feels cozy and the color will be perfect with white as well as with black ^-^

Aran Mini Wrap

Obviously this is only suitable to wear with blouses or turtlenecks, but this surely will be a fun little thing to keep my shoulders warm during fall.

It isn't noticeable in the pictures where I'm wearing the sweater, but the cable pattern that runs down both sides of the back also runs down each sleeve.
For a better view of the sleeves and the pattern "as such" I made additional backside and front pictures where the mini wrap is laid out flat. You'll also find a detail-shot of the cable repeat on flickr.

Fun project! ♥
Get your knitting needles ready and make a small item for yourself!

*** EDIT 12.02.2008 ***
As I am consequently asked about it I will add some information here for your convenience:
The pattern is from a print magazine by ONline yarns (see link above), not from an online magazine, as many people may think.
As far as I know there is no english version of this magazine. If there is or if you found a store for my international friends to get this mag, please let me know so I can link to it. Thanks! ^-^

Back for more

22. September 2007
Unfortunately I'm back from my vacation.

making footprints

It was wonderful!
Cold, windy, sunny, rainy... all just wonderful!
We spent hours and hours just walking (more than 10.000 steps a day!), visited places we've been a thousand times before, like Friedrichstadt (which has a blue bridge with a very funny background story) or Husum, the "grey town by the sea", like Theodor Storm called it.
Doesn't look that grey to me, but maybe it depends on the point of view?


We've been to many other places and I really feel guilty about not visiting Tini - the time was too short and our vacation was ending right after it began, or so it seemed.


Coming home is a bittersweet joy, don't you agree? It's the joy of coming home, but always has the tiny bit of "bitter flavour" of getting back to normal.

And normality is here again! I can't fight the feeling someone fed the dustbunnies while I was away... very fishy. Is there a misterious dust-bunny-feeder in my neighborhood? I will have to find out right after I cleaned up a bit (and... wow... WHO needed all the clothes???).
As for normality: Yesterday I already made some custom needle rolls and a new project bag, but today I won't have an alibi to avoid housework (damn!).

10.000 stepsSo, I really had a good time away from home and work, so let this entry be my part of last weeks' 10.000 step theme "Joy". It surely was joy for me and the hubby and obviously Hazel and Charlotte found joy, too!
Next week: Creativity. Thanks, Hazel!

.... Aaaaaaaand a funny one for the way home: Klick!

Have a nice day out there. Don't forget to feed the dustbunnies! ^-^

Heading north

12. September 2007
I'm leaving tomorrow...

...for a one-week vacation.
Not much, I know... but the first that will be longer than three days for four years now.
We both finally managed to get some days off, letting the work at and around the house go and have some quiet and windswept days at the northern shore.


Hope to see you around when I'm back.

Spanish flies

9. September 2007
Finished yesterday, worn today.

Vero Moda Blouse

"Vero Moda" Blouse, sewn from a Patrones fashion magazine pattern (Model No. 39 from issue 249).
I decided to sew this blouse right after I saw it.
I just LOVE the insets on the front! Almost looks like a dress shirt to me... the kind your husband would wear with his tuxedo ^-^

As a design feature I decided to make the topstitching in a contrasting color... thought this might add a bit of "interest" to an otherwise plain white blouse, so all visible seams and the buttonholes are stitched with a bright green embroidery thread.
No chance for normality around here!

Vero Moda Blouse

Yes, I like how it turned out. ♥

The sewing instructions are in spanish, so I couldn't read them properly. They would have been short, anyways.
From some numbers I decided to make the tucks 0.7 mm deep - obviously the right decision. I also couldn't decide how to make the cuffs, so I went for a bias-bound slit and an underlay. This is as good or as bad as anything else.

Things learned while sewing this pattern:
- Spanish women must have ridiculous thin upper arms.
- The body-measurements given in the instructions section are not true to the patterns. If I didn't measure the pattern, I would have ended up with a blouse 2 sizes too big.
- Spanish women are taller than me AND taller than the BWOF-people (168 cm). I still don't know if I should have taken out an additional cm in length? ...
- Silver Quilting Marker which washes out completely from a quilt even after ironing, but it won't wash out from fashion fabric.

In spite of all this I will definitely sew a little more "spanish". They have fun & funky patterns, and in the end I just can quote Tim Taylor: WHO NEEDS INSTRUCTIONS?! ^-^

FYI: The fabric for this blouse is an inexpensive (and somehow a bit shine-through) cotton-poplin I bought some time ago without having a special project in mind. Think it was 5 €/m, but I'm not sure.
The faux mother-of-pearl buttons jumped into my bag at my last flea-market visit. I got them in two different sizes, so the cuffs and the collar button are a bit smaller than the rest. I like that!

And for a better view of the blouse: A full front- and backside-shot as well as yours truly modelling the blouse can be found on flickr.

Serious spanish sewing.
Yeah. Still got the groove!
Now, off...
Doing serious housework... :p

Wicked ...

7. September 2007
... witch of the south.

Wicked witch.

That's what I am. Deal with it.
Wicked. *muhahahaha*
What you see pictured here is the laceweight version of "Wicked" pattern by Zephyr Style. Obviously with long sleeves.

Wicked witch.

Knit on 4.5 / 3.5 mm circular needles
Yarns: Bingo by Lana Grossa & Kid Light by Schachenmayr.

I chose to knit the pattern a size larger than I would have needed, because I mainly will wear this over blouses or turtleneck sweaters, so I need some "extra space" to feel comfortable with all the mohair-hairs.
The sweater is very soft (yeah, it's KID mohair!) and incredibly warm for it's weight (less than 200 grams!), I feel like a Teddybear when I'm wrapped up in it!

- The pattern is supereasy to follow.
- I LOVE how the collar with the twisted stitches turned out!
- You can work "blind" while watching TV or reading.
- It's completely worked in the round. You only have a minimum of loose ends to weave in.

- Knit-knit-knit. I got bored pretty quick, and the laceweight version has a LOT of stitches! It seemed to be more and more the nearer I got to the end of this project... *g*

I will make another version of Wicked later this year.
It will be a worsted weight version (like KBs version) with short sleeves.
Because there won't be mohair, I will use the smaller size to get the fitted look the pattern picture provides. AND I will make the pocket, which was one of the reasons for me to buy this pattern (really, I love the kangaroo style pocket!).

Next thing?
*speaking with the Trelawney-voice* "Well, I can see that there will be serious sewing in my near future, but it's hidden in the mists..."

Go & have some fun out there!


4. September 2007
Yesterdays' teaser already reached the recipient, and I'm really so happy he likes it!

15. closed

It has 15 pockets for his many circular needles, and while taking the pictures I noticed that I don't have that many. Maybe that's why I don't consider myself a knitter? Maybe it's the lack of needles? I will have to find out about that! ^-^

Of course I asked for color preferences, but the pattern for the center pocket is inspired by his "Tyrolean Mankitten in Lederhosen"-yarn. A yummy colorway, and because of the name I felt *forced* to use a bit of a "Dirndl"-fabric. Just a hint, but noticeable for those who "know"... *gg*


So, this is a "roll of honor" for elem, surely one of the most gifted, creative and eclectic knitters I know.
Make sure to check his blog and his podcasts for inspiration!

On a roll

3. September 2007
am I with those needle-rolls.

Lately I made a variation of it - a crochet hook case.

the set

Together with a project bag this one went out to himawari - I hope she will like it and it will be of good use for her. I'm sewing bags for quite some time now, but I tell you that the inset square bottom and top gave me cold sweat for some reason...

Another thing went out today.


I can't show you the whole thing now, as I think there may be some lurking now and then, but I can tell you that it goes out to a very gifted knitter whose work I really admire. ^-^

Many knitters in this posting, no?!
I'm off.
NOT knitting. ;)


27. August 2007
I found him on my doorstep yesterday.

On my doorstep

His sign reads "Searching a loving home".
I took him inside and over to my nephew, knowing that THERE he will find exactly what he was searching for...
I was right.
After a little while of eyeing each other ...

So... you're WHO?

... they knew that they were meant to be friends.


Lucky aunt!

Bear with me

It took me blood, sweat and tears (in the sense of the word) and a huge amount of hopefully child-proof hand-sewing to finish HuBÄRt. But I did. I made a series of (different) bears about 12 years ago, and this one reminded me of why I quit making them.
But let me tell you a secret: I would make them in an endless row, just to be given that smile again!