DIY: Basic A-line skirt drafting

25. März 2007
Because fashion sewing imho is totally underrepresented over at whiplash, I decided to take the chance of this month´s challenge to provide you with a small tutorial on how to draft a basic A-line-skirt.

As usual the pictures are clickable for larger versions.
The drafting lines are hard to photograph, so please take the time to see the bigger versions.

Here we go:
Drafting requires taking your measurements first, best taken over the underwear you will most likely wear under your finished garment.
Of course I didn´t want to show up almost naked or violate any copyrights by using images from a sewing book, but a nice lady who's my friend for more than 25 years now isn't afraid to show, so I asked her over. She may turn 48 this year, but still she's a role model to many.
Please let me introduce you to Betty...

Blouse sewing - a walk-through

18. März 2007
finished3In spite of what you might think I haven´t been THAT lazy all week.
I did some garden work and also managed to finally get a small step-by-step instruction for a blouse done, which I promised to make (months ago) for a dear friend who seems to be afraid to sew a blouse and to cut her treasured fabrics.

Hope you will forgive me this extra-long posting ;)

Charles? Charles Baudelaire?

4. März 2007
I´m not getting into literature here with Monsieur Charles... but I was quite surprised that my socks have a pre-name!


I proudly present: Baudelaire by knitty - another great pattern by Cookie, whose patterns are not only very pretty but also very clear and easy to follow. The pattern repeat was easy to remember so I could just knit away and dream of spring...

They´re knit on 2.5 mm dpns with the wonderful hand-dyed yarn by "Rohrspatz und Wollmeise", color "Veilchen" ("Violet").
Because the pattern is kind of very busy I used a strand with little contrast, and I think it really turned out oh-so-well!
I made them in size S as I have very small feet, but I did use the adjustments for the higher instep. I´ve looked over the measurements for my Pomatomus socks and then decided to knit the higher instep - just for sure. Now I´m glad I did! *gg*
Those are the first toe-up-socks of my life... though it was fun knitting them I think I prefer knitting "the other direction" *g*.

crocus and baudelaire

The violets aren´t in bloom right now, but spring is in the air. Time to get some cool cotton yarn for the summer knits...

Want to see more Baudelaire socks on flickr?
Or do you enjoy browsing other lovely baudelaires in other knitter´s blogs as much as I do?

Whatever you may prefer doing now, I hope your day was as "blue" as mine!

The aunt and her baby

2. März 2007
I really DID some sewing lately.
It took me three evenings to finally finish some very easy shirts (including ripping my collar three times!):

the aunt and her baby

Now my nephew and I will go to the pirate´s meeting in STYLE!

My shirt is just another version of "New Look 6160", pimped with a skull and crossbones patch that came along with my christmas present from Kerstin and a small embroidered button from Sonja (Thank you, Sonja!).

The baby´s tee is "Ottobre Design" (03/2006, mod. 13) - a quick and easy basic t-shirt, sized to fit him in summer.
Simply said: The leftovers from my shirt were too big to just throw them away, but too small to make anything for me from it except maybe some sleeves for another t-shirt.

I really love how the cute embroidery (from Farbenmix) on the front turned out!
You might recognize those skull motifs, they´re all around in blogland, and now here´s mine - a little simpler, not SO very colorful, but I like it... :)

the aunt and her baby

More pictures on flickr, as usual.

Arrrrrrrrrrr! Finally it´s done.
Sewing! I was missing my machine during those last few weeks... though knitting is fun, too ;)