Shared Inspiration

21. April 2007
Today the new Mrs. StyleBook arrived at my house, bursting with lovely new patterns and cute summer clothes. Here's some inspiration for you...

Inspiration to share

I mean... I just love those sleeves or the dress on the left... and I desperately need this pair of pants (along with the socks!!!), and I really like the raw edges on this jacket... and the funny dress from the funny, green fabric!
I wish I'd find something similar funny here (not neccessarily in green, though...)

Speaking of shared inspiration, I like to direct your attention to a new link in the upper left - right below my shop link you now see "Shared Inspiration", where you can see blog posts from other blogs I read (or lurk). It's a service from google reader, and I found this wonderful tool via Jen at movinghands.
After my rss reader failed badly over the last weeks I needed a new one anyway, so her posting came just right for me.
I also like the idea of being able to share what inspires me or what I consider as "beautiful", and maybe you'll find something you like, too?!

Have a nice weekend! I'll be busy... digging in my garden and testing some things. *g*

For me.

16. April 2007
Thanks for all your kind comments on my late "success" - now, a week later it's almost forgotten and I'm back to normal a long time, but it felt so good to have all your positive feedback!

Meanwhile I've been invited to some birthdays and I was pretty busy making presents or picking presents, baking, cooking and helping with decorations, so beneath the job, the house and the garden there wasn't much time for sewing for myself, but at least I can show you a new wristlet for ME, ME, ME!
Really. I managed to sew something for myself! Amazing! ;)
sakura wristlet

I loved that japanese sakura and cranes fabric right from the start and finally found a reason to put it in good use - I needed a new bag!

Another record bag was made (pictures to come) (DONE! LOOKSIE!) and I digged out the japanese jacket, again. Though it's too warm to wear it, now. Just want to *finish* it somewhen, but finally I was too lazy to cut the lining or to decide where the buttonholes should be.

Right now I'm impatiently waiting for the new issue of Mrs. StyleBook and I hope there will be lots of lovely summer dresses to sew.
Btw: If you're interested in other people who sew from Mrs. StyleBook you might want to have a look at May's blog, where she shares her beautiful creations.

I'm off, learning new stuff.
Monday's a busy day!

Show Off!

11. April 2007
I'm deeply sorry, but I NEED to do it.
I feel the sudden urge to show off!

Have you seen this?
Or that?
And here!?!

Am I proud?
Damn, you can BET on that one, darling!

Now all I need to do is become rich and famous.
(Btw: ye olde shoppe had a small update with some wristlets... That for the "rich" part... *gg*)
Walking on sunshine:

Happy Easter!

8. April 2007

Wishing all my friends a happy, blessed easter!