Ich hab mein Herz...

28. Mai 2007
...in Heidelberg verloren. ...
Actually I didn't lose my heart in Heidelberg, though it surely is a very lovely city.

We went there this weekend because my sister got her bachelors degree at the UMUC.
She's one of the students who continued their studies via the internet after leaving the states, and in spite of not being a native speaker she repeatedly made it to the National Dean's List over the last years and is member of the honor society of Phi Theta Kappa.
Guess who's a proud sister!!! (Hint: She has red hair and owns a blog...)
The graduation took place in Heidelberg, so we took the chance and included some sightseeing in the trip.

Scraps of Heidelberg

You may recognize another familiar face - I met Charlotte in Heidelberg and had a very nice evening together with her and Betty (pictured in the middle) *g*.
It's wonderful to meet a "kindred spirit" now and then, chatting away the hours, knowing she'll understand at least some of your madness.
I got adorable presents from her, including a blue/green fat quarter for my stash - as if she knew what's up next on my table...! She also made me some of the most awesome bags for my shoes (remember I have too many?), a wonderfully stitched purse and brought me a "pink & kitschy kitty notebook" - I LOVE IT! It's just perfect for my pink mad hatter inside.
We went through the city, had dinner and some ice cream, and she showed me places where no tourist would look at. *eg*
Es war mir wie immer ein echtes Vergnügen - Danke, Charlotte! Bis zum nächsten Mal! :)

The next day was filled up with visiting the Heidelberg castle, the old bridge and having a boat tour on the Neckar. We were also strolling around in the old city of Heidelberg, lurking cool shops and seeing some of Kristins awesome quilts live, including the lovely "Fliegenpilz II".

And .... Guess what! ...
YES, on sunday in the evening I met the artist herself! XD
Silly me had no camera at hand, so I didn't take a pic, but it was very nice meeting Kristin in person. (To be honest: I was so nervous about it, I almost died. The same feeling like meeting E&K for the first time.)
I really enjoyed our meeting and surely will let you know when I visit HD again so we can have a coffee! ^.^

Our family had much fun this weekend - more impressions of our trip on flickr.

Amy, oh Amy...

23. Mai 2007
Remember lucky me from last year? Finally I used the second part of my win and made the cabo halter top from amy butler.

ab-front ab-backside

As you can see, I added (selfmade) piping in the seam under the bustline. I wouldn't have liked the many raw edges on the inside, so I decided to double the lower part of the top as well.
I also skipped the hook and eye (did you ever try to close a hook and eye on your back???) and used an 8" invisible zipper instead of the recommended 12" zipper, which I hadn't handy.
Now the interior looks almost as nice as the outside, if you ask me (but who does?!).

Seen in the whole, it didn't turn out perfect and I'm aware of it. The muslin fit well around the bust, but the actual piece kind of "gaps" a little, so I decided to stitch the overlapping bust pieces closed.

And now be prepared for some shocking news:
I LOVE the top in spite of it's imperfection!


I do love the piping and the accent fabric (from the "chocolate lollipop" collection by free spirit) I used for the left bust part, the tie and the small no-sew applique (Thanks Marietta for sending me steam-a-seam!).

After making some adjustments, I'll surely sew this pattern again - reducing my fat quarter stash.
Stay tuned. The grass will be greener over here.

Dye for me!

20. Mai 2007
Orange isn't my color.
In fact, I really hate orange.
I don't know what got into me when I bought five skeins of bright orange cotton yarn by Lana Grossa back some years ago.
Meanwhile the yarn ("Toccata") isn't available anymore and in the need of "destashing" I was searching for an idea to put it in good use finally.
Rebecca # 33 brought up the solution with model no. 22, a silk lace top.
The recommended yarn in the magazine wasn't my choice (Let's face it... I don't pay 11 euros per skein, though I love silk... call me scrooge!), so I substituted it with my 100% cotton yarn.

Though my gauge was correct, my version isn't as long as the top pictured in the magazine, but I think that's because the silk yarn tends to "hang out". I don't mind, and I really like my shorter version :)

Dye for me!

Of course I knew exactly that I never-ever will wear an ORANGE top (Orange you glad I told you? ...), so I dyed it the easy way, using Simplicol textile dyes.

Dye for me!

Better, don't you agree?!

Being at it, I also dyed a piece of tussah silk, which came out a bit shabby and grungy.
I didn't go for this look, but thinking about it twice and thinking about my planned "embellishments" to this piece, I was VERY satisfied with it.
That's what I wanted, even though I didn't knew it from the start!

Have a nice sunday, and may unexpected things happen the way you expected it.

Mile High Strawberry Pie. Yum!!!

7. Mai 2007
The season is coming, and it's time to use up those strawberries that still sleep in the freezer. One of my favourite recipes is the "Mile high strawberry pie".
There are several versions of this pie out there, I'm sharing my version (which I have from a friend) with you.
mile high

Lovely green

6. Mai 2007
Everything is green right now.
My yard, my car, my shoes, charlottes brooch... the lovely linen I bought some time ago...
It was laying around, waiting for me to find a pattern to "suit" it. I couldn't decide for one, I was thinking the fabric needed a clean, clear, simple pattern so the crinkled look and the shot colors come out right.

Finally I found it in one of my japanese sewing books. Where else could I find something that would suit the linen fabric?!?

After I finished the dress I found that it was too wide for my taste (though the measurements matched the finished measurements given), so i ripped the sideseams a little below the bust darts and cut some more bias to add some ribbons to tie the dress in the back. Now I like the look better than before :)
Side-note: If you don't own a bias maker for 0.6 cm bias - don't make some! It almost freaked me out!


What I especially like about the dress is that it can be worn with jeans and a tee as well as "solo" (Okay. You NEED an underdress!). It turned out to be very versatile, and the green just looks great with my favourite non-color-color!

Have a nice week!

More pics on flickr.

There and back again...

1. Mai 2007
... a mad hatter's tale.

Lord of the Rings - The Exhibition

I was THERE, and it was awesome and breathtaking, really worth the trip. I loved the exhibition and the way it was made up.
I didn't like the facts that photography was prohibited and that they didn't have a detailed catalog of the exhibits - that was pretty poor!
To get some small insights you may view this page of the Te Papa Tongarewa museum (New Zealand) and the LOTR Costume Research page for some useful links on the whole "costume thing" or the official LOTR website.

The "making ofs" were adorable, from the development of the shire to the building of the Golden Hall of Eduras. I also loved the movie about the 10 hrs make-up of the Uruk-Hai warriors and seeing how the computer animated Gollum was made.
Stunning! No words will describe it well enough, though a non-fan probably will never know what I'm talking about.

Brandenburger Tor

You already know by now that I spent a few days in the city that never sleeps, namely Berlin. An inspiring, roaring, big, wonderful yet ugly city. Loud, massive city of opposites.
Of course we went to the most important tourist-scenes, like the Brandenburger Tor, the Reichstag, and Sanssouci. (No wonder they called it Sanssouci ("without sorrow") back then - if you could afford a place like that, it's most likely you don't have sorrows!)

Mommseneck Hackescher Markt

We had lots of fun exploring the nightlife and the new and old sights of Berlin, though we didn't see half of the interesting things.
Our pictures of Berlin can be found on flickr, as usual (I promise there will be mainly sights, not the hubby and me! *g*).

On our way home we stumbled across "FILMKOSTÜME", an exhibition of the Filmmuseum Berlin. (See a pdf-Version of the Exhibition here.)
It was totally gorgeous for me to see dresses worn by Winona Ryder, Romy Schneider or even Marlene Dietrich... some of my childhood heroes came to life while seing those costumes. Unfortunately photography wasn't allowed there, either :(
At least they had a good shop and I was able to buy a book to cuddle up with.

In the end I'm back here. Or will be back there. Some time.