Bolt ends, flea market finds and grab bags

30. Juni 2007
Make up this dress:

Machiko Kayaki dress

Nice, huh?

Machiko Kayaki dress

Yes, I like it, too! ♥
It's black!
After all the colorful sewing done lately I suddenly felt the urge to make something black. BLACK. B-L-A-C-K!

The pattern comes from the book "Home couture" by my beloved Machiko Kayaki. Best about this dress: I didn't need to alter a thing. I cut, sewed and it FITS.
My fave on this dress are the ruffles running down the front ...

Machiko Kayaki dress Machiko Kayaki dress

... and the buttons, which are flea market finds and seemed perfect for the dress.
First I thought of some white porcellain buttons from another flea market visit but then decided for the silvery rose buttons. A bit "less-stylish-more-elegant"... *g*

The fabric was bought on sale, and as it was a bolt end and they had more fabric than I needed, I got almost 50 cm for free (Yay!).
It's a lightweight cotton batiste, and judging from the picture in the book they also used a lightweight (and even lightly shine-through) fabric.

Unlike in the book, my dress is lined partially. The top is left unlined, but I added a lining to the skirt, not wanting someone to see my white & pink polkadotted panties (just in case you wonder: NO, I don't have polkadotted underwear!). As I didn't need much lining fabric I used a piece from a grab bag.

The dress has an invisible zipper sewn to one side, beginning shortly under the bust dart and ending a bit below the hip. Heaven thanks I got the fancy invisible zipper foot, so it was sewn in in no time.
Of course the lining needed to be handsewn to the zipper, but I don't mind handsewing anymore (I wouldn't have said that some years ago!).

Right now I have some other projects queueing... black ones and colorful ones.
Lately I drafted a pattern from Mrs. Stylebook #145 but am not able to cut or sew, as I lack some of the materials needed.
I fear that until everything is handy you'll have to content with some more "no-brain-just-follow-a-pattern" sewing.

Anyways - I like it!
Have a nice week & thanks for stopping by!

Little sailor

24. Juni 2007
Jaaaaaa, wir sind Piraten und fahren zu Meere ... (sing along!)

... As I couldn't sew for myself yesterday and desperately seeking for a reason to avoid housework, I ended up sewing for the cutest pirate-to-be in the world:

the fast and the furious

The pattern is from Ottobre design 03/2006 - a mix of model 16 and model 24 - with some smaller modifications to the hemline and the design "as such".
You also get a better view on the dress shirt, but I like the first shot better. It's pure life!

ich komme

The shirt doesn't have a skull design (except for my label, which is sewn to the pocket), but I'm totally in love with the japanese sailboat/dolphins fabric!

It's almost exactly one year that I ordered the fabric for this shirt in Kumis shop. Back then I had "something" in mind, but I couldn't name it. Now... that's what it was! So, Alex was right - those fabrics don't look like me, but like "aunt me".
The dark blue fabric and the snap buttons are from stash as well.
Go me - Queen of destashing!
(it wouldn't be clever to mention the things I got yesterday now... *cough*)

Though the shirt isn't perfect and I didn't pay as much attention to the inside as I do on my clothes the nephew likes it ^.^

More pictures of the shirt with and without "filling" on flickr.
Have a nice sunday!


19. Juni 2007
What to do if your fave pair of jeans suddenly has a hole?
And what, if it is right where your backside pocket flap is?
No mending - too many layers!

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:
After Step 1 & 2 I got rid of the pocket flap (Who needs it?!? The button has gone loooong time ago!). Then I embroidered a nice little patch that will cover the hole.

Now the patch would have covered the hole nicely, but there was a pretty disturbing dark stripe where the pocket-flap has been, so I took a small strip of fabric to covered the dark stripe.
The outcome: A very colorful backside view.
I needed to get rid of the original not matching (blue and lavender) label on the waistband!
And... being at it... why not "pimp my pants"?

amy butler patches

See what happens when I'm in a colorful mood AND remember inspiring posts?

Of course I know some of my dear readers are shocked. You may calm down. The jeans may be colorful, but you didn't really expect me to wear a colored blouse with it, did you?!? ;)

knee patches

Deep in my heart I'll always be a "black sheep"...

Unlike Kathy I added some small folds to the patches for movement.
I really wondered how she sewed her patches to her daughters jeans, as I really swore a LOT and almost freaked out while fumbling around to get the legs neatly under my machine... and I dare to say my pants legs are wider than hers.

In the end it worked out pretty well. Nice refashioned jeans.
Let me say it: I'm twentyten and I wear knee patches. And I wear them with pride!

Tune in next time for more shocking news ;)

fyi: The embroidery design comes from Farbenmix, and as some of you may have noticed I've used fabrics from Amy Butler's "Lotus Tea Box Collection".

Three down, one to go.

17. Juni 2007
Back to normal.
Well, ... almost.
I've been busy as a bee with all kinds of work, including those:


Two of them are customs, the purple one is a (belated) birthday-present for my cousin. She picked the fabrics herself and I have to say that she really has a good taste. I love how it turned out!

So I have three down, but one more to go. It will be made for a window decoration of a small shop here in town.
We're having a big music festival in town, and I was asked if I would be willing to make a bag to exhibit (of course I am... *g*) .

Hope you'll have a nice sunday - I'm taking a day off today. No record purses, please! ;)


9. Juni 2007
While I should be seriously working on a pattern that might be released for my shop (if it works out *gg*) I'll show you a bit of what I was working on just as hard (or maybe even harder)...


It might be a hell lot of work, and it might be getting even more work when the yard will be finished somewhen, but nothing makes me as happy as seeing the first buds in spring, seeing the roses bloom or smelling their unbelievable scent when I walk towards my house or when we sit outside in the evening.
We love listening to the humming of busy bees and bumblebees while having breakfast and sipping our tea to the songs of the birds, randomly disturbed by the grunting of a hedghehog, which obviously lives under our terrace.

So, if there's no sewing or knitting here - look outside, I may be in the yard!

The story of the little sad dress.

6. Juni 2007
Once upon a time (let's say about two years ago) there was a little black dress with white polkadots. It was hanging around in a shop, along with other dresses which were just the same... black and polkadotted.
It was summer, and hot.
All the people who were walking in and out of the shop bought summer clothes, but the black dress did not find a new home. Sadly it hung on its clothes hanger, waiting for someone to go home with.
One fine day a girl came in, tried it on and liked it - knowing well that it was unlined and strapless and ... hummmm... anyways, it was black and had polkadots. The girl bought the dress and happily went home.
During the bespoke summer the dress was worn once or twice having lucky days out in the sun, but it wasn't worn very often because of its straplessness. The girl didn't feel comfortable with it and always had the feeling that she needed to hold the dress up somehow.
Fall and winter came, and the dress was packed away in a drawer to sleep.

The following year the dress seemed to be smaller than before (it might also have been the girl has gained some weight, but who knows?)... and again, it was packed away in a dark corner of the closet, sadly dreaming of better days.
Again, fall and winter went by and in spring while sorting out her wardrobe, the girl stumbled over the dress. Still loving polkadots she tried it on to see if the dress really had shrunk, and saw: It fitted again! (A wonder! Some elves must have altered the dress during winter!)
But still, it was strapless. And still, this was a no-go.



Why not add some straps?! And, while the girl was at it, why not add some embellishment to the dress?
in the making
A sketch was made and enlarged (using a pantograph), color decisions were made and finally a mix of free motion embroidery and raw edges applique was started.

The little polkadotted dress felt so good getting so much attention and was proud of getting a new look, which would make it different from the other polkadotted dresses that were in the shop back then. It couldn't wait to see the results.
It took a whole day to finish the embroidery, to get rid of the elastic in the back part of the dress and to sew on a pair of straps, but finally it was DONE.
Being in the process, a small brooch was made and added to the new strap.
Cherry dress finished!
Satisfied with how the dress turned out, the girl is now ready to wear it - without having to pull it up every other minute and without the fear of seeing someone wearing EXACTLY the same.

... and they lived happily ever after :)

Usually I'm not very much into wardrobe refashion (or changing... or mending...), but I just couldn't throw away that dress!

Amy, revisited

2. Juni 2007
...or "the grass is greener over here".

I've done it. I've broken with my rule never to make the same thing twice. I've revisited Amy.
In the mood of stashbusting and somehow "feeling green" those last weeks I made another version of the Cabo Halter Top by Amy Butler. The original version is so comfy to wear that I just needed another one!
My photographer was busy today, and of course I was busy, too... cooking and baking to feed the four hungry men who were working hard the whole day, but there was enough time left to finish the top by adding some lace to the seamline below the bust and the hem.

Amy - revisited
(Yes, I'm aware that the turquoise don't go well with my hair, but I never cared about those things, and I do wear pink as well!)
As you can easily see, the top is slightly different from the original pattern.
I altered the neckholders into "normal" straps and used four coordinating fat quarters from my beloved stash to achieve a pretty colorful design (at least colorful for me!).

This pattern deserves the label "fat quarter friendly".
All pieces can easily be cut from fqs, though you shouldn't use fabrics with a direction or a pattern which requires matching it along the seamlines.
Very busy or small prints will work best.

The lower front, which is cut on fold, needed some inset corners at the sides on the hemline and the straps and the upper front were cut seperately.
After sewing the parts together I pressed SAs to one side and topstitched with matching machine embroidery thread, so the piecing is rather more a design feature than it is disturbing.

The interior is the same as on the last top I made - I seem not to be able to live with those raw edges on the inside bust seam...
SAs of the lower part are fixed with the stitching of the lace, which was added after the top was finished. Suddenly I felt like there needed to be "something" between the green and the green and the green... *gg*

I'm sorry to bore you with another version of a plain no-think-just-sew pattern, but anyways I hope you'll feel like having to check your pattern box for something re-usable to re-visit.
More pics on flickr.
Have fun!