27. August 2007
I found him on my doorstep yesterday.

On my doorstep

His sign reads "Searching a loving home".
I took him inside and over to my nephew, knowing that THERE he will find exactly what he was searching for...
I was right.
After a little while of eyeing each other ...

So... you're WHO?

... they knew that they were meant to be friends.


Lucky aunt!

Bear with me

It took me blood, sweat and tears (in the sense of the word) and a huge amount of hopefully child-proof hand-sewing to finish HuBÄRt. But I did. I made a series of (different) bears about 12 years ago, and this one reminded me of why I quit making them.
But let me tell you a secret: I would make them in an endless row, just to be given that smile again!


FO and the scissors murder

24. August 2007
An everlasting WIP finally turned out an FO. Hooray!

ginko shoulder bag

A closeup of the Ginko leaves can be found here.
The bag turned out pretty nice, don't you agree? I'd wear it myself if it wasn't a custom (okay, and if it wasn't dark-green *g*)

I was almost done with my work yesterday night and I just had to cut back some seam allowances when it happened... oh, forgive me whining here, but.... I MURDERED MY DRESSMAKER'S SCISSORS! Can you hand me a tissue, please?

Yes, I'm a scissors murderer. Oh, woe is me!
To make the long story short: It was late. Very late. I was tired and eager to finally finish my work, when this happened.
You know, I leave my needles pinned to the piece while I sew. I pin them 90° to the seamline, so I can just sew over them without something happening.
Then I take them out.
Each one.
Except one, which had a dark green head and which I obviously missed.
Then I thought of cutting back the bespoken seam allowance.
....... and found the needle.
Results: Bag finished, Scissors blunt. Hope the man at the key-service can fix it.

Now you may judge me for that crime.
But please take into consideration that I can look very innocent. Imagine that look before you judge.

Have a nice day & take care of your scissors. Like most things we use everyday you'll miss them only after they're gone!

Knitting Needle Roll - Take 150!

20. August 2007
Here they are... my first StyleLab orders... need to show off a little bit, knowing that you may gracefully forgive me showing the 100th knitting needle roll in the history of my little blog.
I enjoy to make those, and at this moment I don't have my head free for bigger projects for me.

Custom Knitting Needle Roll

I really like how they turned out, and I know that you think the first one would be "me", but I especially love the second one (Ha! Surprised, right?!).
Nothing beats the yummy "Chocolate Lollipop" fabric by Anna Maria Horner! Maybe because I'm a chocolate eater? Just the sound of it makes me drool... SCHOoo-KOoo-LAaa-DEee...

Off. Having some *real* chocolate and maybe do something "real", too.

Btw: What are you doing in front of your PC? Don't you have things to sew, knit, crochet or... ???
Have a nice day! ;)

November Rain

19. August 2007
After Marietta told me that my blog is mentioned over at (a big women magazine over here in Germany) I didn't know what to say. I don't consider myself being a knitter. But somehow I don't consider myself being a *insertwhateveryouwanthere*, too... Maybe I'm just someone who accidentally does what she does right now.

Anyways, I do know what to show you for that knitter-thing:

november rain

The first knee-heights of my life. Took me forever, but yesterday the second sock jumped off my needles.

november rain

Yarn: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise, colorway "Gewitterhimmel". The pictures don't do the yarn justice - it's adorable in its different hues of blue!
Knit on 2.5 mm dpns, top-down. Please note the little picot edge... I'm in love with picots lately ^-^
Pattern: none, but I officially felt highly inspired by the Mata Hari socks and the lovely Spiral Boot Socks pictured in Interweave Knits (Summer 2007). I changed the pattern of Mata Hari slightly, but I think it's noticeable that they are "relatives", no?!

I started out with 72 stitches and had 64 sts left when I reached the foot. It was a bit freakin' to get the decreases done in a "nice" way, but I can live with the result. The socks will be hidden in boots anyway.

One last thing and I'm off, going to a birthday party: What do you think of yours truly's new color(s) & cut?


Bad pic, I know. Darker in real. The red surely will be back somewhen, but right now I feel like chocolate brown with four-color-streaks and a windmachine look.

Speaking of wind... I need to hurry!
Have a nice sunday out there ^-^


17. August 2007
Apple Whiskey Pie


Blackberry Sour Cream Pie


Not pictured, but tasty: "Himbeer-Quench-Torte" (something very creamy with raspberries) and a superyummy Lemon Custard Pie with meringue topping.
Note to self: Do not speak to the bathroom scale for at least two weeks.

The huns came, saw, and ate.
I'm up and away, cleaning the mess.

Why does fun always leave a mess?

Have a nice day!

Mellow Yellow

6. August 2007
Caution: Self Promotion! ^-^

I definitely had one of my "Happy Hippy Moods" when I made this record purse...
Anyways, I loved the "Chocolate Lollipop" fabric line from the beginning, and I decided that at least two of the fabrics needed to be turned into a record bag.

Mellow Yellow Record Purse

I was struggling if I should put it on sale or not, as the colors are so very cheerful and lovely... in fact I thought about keeping it for myself, but then decided that one record bag is enough for me - at least for the moment.

The "Mellow Yellow" LP purse is available in ye olde shoppe.

End of self-promotion. ;)

Happy Hot Summer

5. August 2007
As Kumi told me, the japanese people wish each other a "Happy hot summer" with lots of goldfish items like stickers, cards etc.

It's neither sommer nor hot over here (indeed we lit the fireplace twice last week!) but I was testing around with my beloved japanese goldfish fabric, trying to make up something nice to put in the shop and to share the pattern with you.

The outcome isn't exactly what I was searching for, but I'm on my way. The test-item has some minor imperfections, but I think it's cute anyway.
There may come a tutorial for "something similar" in the future.