"Anne of Green Cables"

25. September 2007
Kent made a beautiful "cable swatch" lately, and I'm a sucker for cabled sweaters. Somehow I felt the urge to knit something cable-ish, too. Never did that before - except for some smaller cables on my Baudelaire-socks...

I fell in love with this one the moment I thumbed through the magazine:

Aran Mini Wrap

It's the "Aran Mini Wrap Sweater" - Model No. 22 from OnLine magazine, issue Autumn/Winter 2007 (scroll to the right side to see the original model)
Yarn: Linie 20 "Cora" by OnLine, colorway #44 (It's more like a lime green, the pictures don't do the yarn justice!)
Knit on 5.0 mm circular needles

I began knitting this three weeks ago. If this were a "full sized" sweater it would have driven me crazy (it wouldn't be finished by now, though). The cables are fun to knit, but it takes oh-so-long to finish just one repeat! You can't count patience for one of my good attributes, if there are any.

Funny thing that I don't like to sew knitted pieces together, but true. That's why I tend to use patterns which are worked in the round completely. This time I'm quite happy with the seams - maybe because I paid a lot of attention to it and ripped every seam at least twice until I decided they're okay.

In whole, it might not look exactly as wonderful as in the magazine, but I'm very happy with the outcome! The yarn is soft, it's warm, it feels cozy and the color will be perfect with white as well as with black ^-^

Aran Mini Wrap

Obviously this is only suitable to wear with blouses or turtlenecks, but this surely will be a fun little thing to keep my shoulders warm during fall.

It isn't noticeable in the pictures where I'm wearing the sweater, but the cable pattern that runs down both sides of the back also runs down each sleeve.
For a better view of the sleeves and the pattern "as such" I made additional backside and front pictures where the mini wrap is laid out flat. You'll also find a detail-shot of the cable repeat on flickr.

Fun project! ♥
Get your knitting needles ready and make a small item for yourself!

*** EDIT 12.02.2008 ***
As I am consequently asked about it I will add some information here for your convenience:
The pattern is from a print magazine by ONline yarns (see link above), not from an online magazine, as many people may think.
As far as I know there is no english version of this magazine. If there is or if you found a store for my international friends to get this mag, please let me know so I can link to it. Thanks! ^-^

Back for more

22. September 2007
Unfortunately I'm back from my vacation.

making footprints

It was wonderful!
Cold, windy, sunny, rainy... all just wonderful!
We spent hours and hours just walking (more than 10.000 steps a day!), visited places we've been a thousand times before, like Friedrichstadt (which has a blue bridge with a very funny background story) or Husum, the "grey town by the sea", like Theodor Storm called it.
Doesn't look that grey to me, but maybe it depends on the point of view?


We've been to many other places and I really feel guilty about not visiting Tini - the time was too short and our vacation was ending right after it began, or so it seemed.


Coming home is a bittersweet joy, don't you agree? It's the joy of coming home, but always has the tiny bit of "bitter flavour" of getting back to normal.

And normality is here again! I can't fight the feeling someone fed the dustbunnies while I was away... very fishy. Is there a misterious dust-bunny-feeder in my neighborhood? I will have to find out right after I cleaned up a bit (and... wow... WHO needed all the clothes???).
As for normality: Yesterday I already made some custom needle rolls and a new project bag, but today I won't have an alibi to avoid housework (damn!).

10.000 stepsSo, I really had a good time away from home and work, so let this entry be my part of last weeks' 10.000 step theme "Joy". It surely was joy for me and the hubby and obviously Hazel and Charlotte found joy, too!
Next week: Creativity. Thanks, Hazel!

.... Aaaaaaaand a funny one for the way home: Klick!

Have a nice day out there. Don't forget to feed the dustbunnies! ^-^

Heading north

12. September 2007
I'm leaving tomorrow...

...for a one-week vacation.
Not much, I know... but the first that will be longer than three days for four years now.
We both finally managed to get some days off, letting the work at and around the house go and have some quiet and windswept days at the northern shore.


Hope to see you around when I'm back.

Spanish flies

9. September 2007
Finished yesterday, worn today.

Vero Moda Blouse

"Vero Moda" Blouse, sewn from a Patrones fashion magazine pattern (Model No. 39 from issue 249).
I decided to sew this blouse right after I saw it.
I just LOVE the insets on the front! Almost looks like a dress shirt to me... the kind your husband would wear with his tuxedo ^-^

As a design feature I decided to make the topstitching in a contrasting color... thought this might add a bit of "interest" to an otherwise plain white blouse, so all visible seams and the buttonholes are stitched with a bright green embroidery thread.
No chance for normality around here!

Vero Moda Blouse

Yes, I like how it turned out. ♥

The sewing instructions are in spanish, so I couldn't read them properly. They would have been short, anyways.
From some numbers I decided to make the tucks 0.7 mm deep - obviously the right decision. I also couldn't decide how to make the cuffs, so I went for a bias-bound slit and an underlay. This is as good or as bad as anything else.

Things learned while sewing this pattern:
- Spanish women must have ridiculous thin upper arms.
- The body-measurements given in the instructions section are not true to the patterns. If I didn't measure the pattern, I would have ended up with a blouse 2 sizes too big.
- Spanish women are taller than me AND taller than the BWOF-people (168 cm). I still don't know if I should have taken out an additional cm in length? ...
- Silver Quilting Marker which washes out completely from a quilt even after ironing, but it won't wash out from fashion fabric.

In spite of all this I will definitely sew a little more "spanish". They have fun & funky patterns, and in the end I just can quote Tim Taylor: WHO NEEDS INSTRUCTIONS?! ^-^

FYI: The fabric for this blouse is an inexpensive (and somehow a bit shine-through) cotton-poplin I bought some time ago without having a special project in mind. Think it was 5 €/m, but I'm not sure.
The faux mother-of-pearl buttons jumped into my bag at my last flea-market visit. I got them in two different sizes, so the cuffs and the collar button are a bit smaller than the rest. I like that!

And for a better view of the blouse: A full front- and backside-shot as well as yours truly modelling the blouse can be found on flickr.

Serious spanish sewing.
Yeah. Still got the groove!
Now, off...
Doing serious housework... :p

Wicked ...

7. September 2007
... witch of the south.

Wicked witch.

That's what I am. Deal with it.
Wicked. *muhahahaha*
What you see pictured here is the laceweight version of "Wicked" pattern by Zephyr Style. Obviously with long sleeves.

Wicked witch.

Knit on 4.5 / 3.5 mm circular needles
Yarns: Bingo by Lana Grossa & Kid Light by Schachenmayr.

I chose to knit the pattern a size larger than I would have needed, because I mainly will wear this over blouses or turtleneck sweaters, so I need some "extra space" to feel comfortable with all the mohair-hairs.
The sweater is very soft (yeah, it's KID mohair!) and incredibly warm for it's weight (less than 200 grams!), I feel like a Teddybear when I'm wrapped up in it!

- The pattern is supereasy to follow.
- I LOVE how the collar with the twisted stitches turned out!
- You can work "blind" while watching TV or reading.
- It's completely worked in the round. You only have a minimum of loose ends to weave in.

- Knit-knit-knit. I got bored pretty quick, and the laceweight version has a LOT of stitches! It seemed to be more and more the nearer I got to the end of this project... *g*

I will make another version of Wicked later this year.
It will be a worsted weight version (like KBs version) with short sleeves.
Because there won't be mohair, I will use the smaller size to get the fitted look the pattern picture provides. AND I will make the pocket, which was one of the reasons for me to buy this pattern (really, I love the kangaroo style pocket!).

Next thing?
*speaking with the Trelawney-voice* "Well, I can see that there will be serious sewing in my near future, but it's hidden in the mists..."

Go & have some fun out there!


4. September 2007
Yesterdays' teaser already reached the recipient, and I'm really so happy he likes it!

15. closed

It has 15 pockets for his many circular needles, and while taking the pictures I noticed that I don't have that many. Maybe that's why I don't consider myself a knitter? Maybe it's the lack of needles? I will have to find out about that! ^-^

Of course I asked for color preferences, but the pattern for the center pocket is inspired by his "Tyrolean Mankitten in Lederhosen"-yarn. A yummy colorway, and because of the name I felt *forced* to use a bit of a "Dirndl"-fabric. Just a hint, but noticeable for those who "know"... *gg*


So, this is a "roll of honor" for elem, surely one of the most gifted, creative and eclectic knitters I know.
Make sure to check his blog and his podcasts for inspiration!

On a roll

3. September 2007
am I with those needle-rolls.

Lately I made a variation of it - a crochet hook case.

the set

Together with a project bag this one went out to himawari - I hope she will like it and it will be of good use for her. I'm sewing bags for quite some time now, but I tell you that the inset square bottom and top gave me cold sweat for some reason...

Another thing went out today.


I can't show you the whole thing now, as I think there may be some lurking now and then, but I can tell you that it goes out to a very gifted knitter whose work I really admire. ^-^

Many knitters in this posting, no?!
I'm off.
NOT knitting. ;)