Boo-tiful Halloween!

31. Oktober 2007
happy halloween!

Happy Halloween out there!
Spookiest night of the year is coming up and the dear reader might recognize that it's not only Halloween with it's annual party-preparing and dinner-cooking over here but also the second bloggiversary!
Looking back I see that many things have changed, and (as I hope) for the better. Still some of you bear with me, and I'm very grateful for this!
Bloggiversaries are traditionally made to give something away, and in spite of having a pile of to-do-projects I will keep this tradition: I'll give away either one of my own sewing patterns (the egg shaped bag or the traveling seamstress pattern) or a credit card organizer (though not the pictured one but one in your fave color...) - whatever the winner may prefer.
Between today and Friday all comments on any posting will be put in the drawing pot. Think the drawing will be on Monday, though I don't know if I let my nephew do the drawing or if the doggies again will do it. We'll see... ^-^
Now. Off to prepare "dinner for twelve" tonight. Scary.

And the winner is...

23. Oktober 2007
life in yonder!

Congrats, you've won the pattern of my Twisted Sister Sweater ^-^
The number generator had to choose from 1 - 13, and he thought a 9 would be fine.
Please send me your e-mail adress to madhatter [at] couchpiraten [dot] de so I can send out the pdf-file containing the pattern.

I hope all the others will enjoy my Gruselwusel coffin tutorial meanwhile.
"Thank you!" everyone for playing along and for your lovely comments! :)

Gruselwusel Coffin Tutorial: Halloween Treat Box DIY

21. Oktober 2007
Continuing the fun as I pronounced yesterday, here's my BOO-tiful Halloween-present for you.
It's a coffin!
Yes, a coffin!
coffin tutorial
You will need two sheets of heavyweight art- or craft paper, about 8 x 12" of size and a scalpel or cutter (fine pointed scissors will work, too).

Twisted Sister

20. Oktober 2007
One of my first japanese fashion sewing books was "Pattern Magic", by Tomoko Nakamichi.
I immediately was drawn towards this sweater... and finally decided that it was time to give it a try.
For the first time the pattern was completely made with my computer, which meant that I didn't have to spend hours kneeling on the floor, drafting. It just meant spending some 15 minutes (again: kneeling on the floor...) glueing the pattern pieces together.


Seam allowances were already included, but of course I missed to draft an extra piece for the neckline facing. Oooooh, don't worry... it was cut "freehand" and I adjusted it later in the progress of sewing... "Adventure fashion", you know?! ^-^

First I thought a heavier jersey would be a good choice, but then I decided that I wanted a different look than the one promoted in the book, so I digged out one of my treasures: An italian knit, for which I paid a hell lot of money and therefore it still waited for its chance.
It looks a bit like cobweb, sprinkled with silver dewdrops... We call that "Altweibersommer" here, but I lack the english word for it. Maybe one of my dear friends can translate that?!?
Anyways, this was the way to go.


It doesn't drape properly on Pueppi but the pictures may give you a small insight in what it looks like. Though I think it looks a lot better when I wear it. *gg*
The color of the knit is hard to picture... it's not really white, but also not a rich cream, so the truth may be somewhere between the "inside" and the "outside" picture.


The hubby said it looks a bit like a straitjacket. Well... maybe he's right, but those who know me may also find it pretty appropriate sometimes ;)

Complementary to the drafting process, the sewing was very easy to do - I just had to adjust the differential feed of my serger a little bit and off I went.
There are only two sideseams and a shoulderseam, which is twisted towards the backside.
Unlike they did in the book I added an asymmetrical neckline facing and cuffs to this sweater. The fabric I chose is so delicate that it just doesn't look good with a normal hemline, and this way I will be able to kind of adjust the twisted look by tugging the lower cuff "up" or "down".

This was a fun project! ^-^
To share the fun, I'll be giving away the pattern to one of my readers.
It will fit an US size 8 and it will be delivered as a pdf-file (HOORAY to technics!).
Comments will be numbered by appearance and the winner will be randomly drawn on Monday, 21:00 CET.
Of course I love getting your feedback either way, but if - for whatever reason - you're not interested in the pattern, please include this in your comment so someone else may get the chance. Thanks! ^-^

Please note: I recommend WARMLY to make a muslin from some knit fabric first to adjust the length to "western standards". I'm lucky to be pretty short, so the pattern is drafted to my measurements. A lot of adjusting might be included for you, so don't blame me I didn't tell you...

More fun to come, though not sewing-related:

Tease me...

The one with the straitjacket says "Have a wonderful weekend!" ^-^

Can you hear me?

18. Oktober 2007
Because this song is for you...

can you hear me?

"Songbirds" is up for sale in my shop. I hope the birdies will find a loving nest.


Whether you're singing or not - have a nice evening out there!

The Cell

16. Oktober 2007
The hubby wanted a new case for his cellphone .
A cool one.
One he could attach to his belt or to a keychain when he's test-driving.
Oh, and a cozy one, please...

The Cell

So he got one.
With belt-loop and keychain-attachment-thingie.
And the matching keychain, of course...
It was fun to make this small item, though it was hard to fumble it under the presser foot of my machine for topstitching.

There's not much time for serious sewing these days, so I think I need one, too...
Maybe in pink?

Love BirdZ

7. Oktober 2007
Love BirdZ

Obviously inspired by an old movie ("Lover come back", with the all time dream-team Doris Day and Rock Hudson) I made a smallish linen shoulder bag for ye olde shoppe (with polka-d
ot lining... love that fabric!).

Love BirdZ

I love those old films.
No thinking, no fuss.
No blood, no violence.
Just a bit of flawless entertainment for a quiet evening you want to spend with your knitting (or embroidery, in this case).

Inspiration is everywhere, sometimes we just have to open our eyes wide enough. I wonder what would come out if I watched Conan? ... ^-^

Have a nice sunday!

Lazy but busy

3. Oktober 2007
Unfortunately there's not much "real" sewing to show, and in spite of desperately needing some fitting pants and new blouses I decided to finish a pattern I was working on and to make some prototypes of my new handbags:

Ballooney Gifts

As usual the prototypes are given away, so my sister and my mom now have some new ballooney wristlets. I really liked how they turned out, and after some minor changes to the pattern I also made some for sale:

Purple Balloon

I also updated my shop with some Halloween goodies, hoping that they'll find a good home.

Halloween goodies for ye olde shoppe

See, I've done nothing, but I was busy.
Right now I'm working on a tutorial for you and I hope I will be able to share it in a couple of days. Another pattern for sale is in progress, some knitting is on the needles, sewing has to be done, birthday-presents have to be made, and there are so many final things to do in the yard...
I'm off, going to one of the many upcoming extra-rehearsals of our choir before our big concert takes place.

Can someone borrow me some time?