Belated, again.

29. November 2007
They finally reached their destination, my (of course) belated birthday presents for the "Helfeelfe" and the "Kampfzwerg":

Kerstin, who I fully blame for me having quite a hang to Jane Austen (or to Mr. Darcy...) now, got an embroidered pillow case (I'm still testing around with my machine, so you may oversee the mistakes...) and some other small stuff that might help her with finally BEING Mrs. Darcy (and who doesn't want to be Mrs. Darcy?!?).


The Note Taker (a wonderful pattern by Pink Chalk Studio!) went out to Charlotte, who may already use this pretty practical gift for her next seminary.



It travelled to her, along with a little bit of inspiration for her next sewing adventures.

I'm very happy everything arrived and is enjoyed by the recipients (some of my sewing heroes they are!) ^-^

Now off, doing some brainstorming for christmas.
Hope I will be finished with christmas presents until March 08, but don't fix me on a date, I'm busybusybusy!


22. November 2007
It's the same procedure every year.

My mom says "Oh, I won't make so many kinds of cookies this year."
I raise my eyebrow and say "Of course. I won't, too!"
Three days later my mom asks me "I'm at number 9. How about you?"
... O.ô

Usually we stop teasing each other at about 24, but this year we both stepped out of our little competition earlier. There's just not enough time left, , and so many presents are still undone... plus a golden rule in our house says "No baking after Dec.1st or after the "Erste Advent". Only eating! ;)


While my mom is completely finished with number 18 right now - and I remember years with 32 different kinds of "Plätzchen"-, I just started baking yesterday.
Number four was done about half an hour ago. Surely I won't reach my highscore this year, but I hope I will get more than 10.

What I wish for right now?
Or vacation.

Something useful

18. November 2007
at last...

playing around

Have a nice sunday!

Once there was a girl

14. November 2007
witch wanted to be a pirate.

Get it? *gg*

(Just in case you wonder if there's something wrong with your screen: My sister suffered a "sudden eye disfunction" today, due to my stripey stockings *g* ... )

Finally I found some time and got down to some sewing.
I set my eyes on this skirt (detail pic) from the autumn 2007 issue of my beloved Mrs. Stylebook magazine.

Drafting was done pretty quick, the decision for the perfect fabric was easy - I used a dark grey wool suiting I got from an aunt lately. She cleaned out the basement and found some fabric treasures from her late mother in law: "Do you happen to want those?" ... And you can bet I wanted them!

After cutting all pieces from the woolen fabric I recognized that there *might* be a different fabric in this skirt... to me, it did look like leather or faux leather. Damn! Do I have anything that will go with this fabric?
Some "stash diving" later I found what I wanted: Smallish remnants from my first handbag ever!


The tooled faux leather seemed just perfect for the insets at the hips and for the belt loops and the buttoned tabs at the hemline. As this leather is pretty thick I only backed it with an interlined black cotton poplin.
Of course there was a need for a hint of "ME" on this skirt... and I already bought those pirate buttons some time ago, originally thinking about an Justaucorps (for me - not for the hubby), but now they were just fine for the skirt. They give me the "oh!"-effect at the second glance. ;)

The skirt closes with an invisible zipper (my faves!) in the center backside seam. Of course the skirt is lined completely, as the fabric unfortunately tends to climb...
Front shots (laid out flat) here and here.
I'm sorry that I can't show you a nice picture this time, but the light is bad these days and I lost patience after "bad shot number 207".

Sewing was fun, wearing it actually IS fun, and though it is much shorter than my usual skirt length (usually you would NOT see my knees) I really like the way it looks.

Now I'm taking my skirt off to our choir rehearsal... have fun with whatever you do today!

From one make two

5. November 2007
As my nephew slept when I came over today and the doggies preferred to chew all my lots instead of just drawing a winner, I asked the hubby to do this.
You may forgive me not showing the chewed papers (yuck!) or the chewers, who weren't even aware of the evil deed. *gg*

All comments between Spooky night and yesterday evening (yes, I expanded the deadline...) were included. 10 in a whole. The hubby grabbed into the lots and took one. Or it should be one, but two of my papers somehow got "hooked" while mixing. Maybe I shouldn't have folded them?
After thinking a second I decided that the drawing was okay... Maybe it was fate to get two winners?


Jen and Kathy, I've e-mailed you about your win. If you didn't get my mail, please send me a short note, telling me which of the totally awesome prices [insert manic laughter here] you want. ^-^

Thanks for playing along everyone - come back and say "Hi" if you want, I think I'll be around here for a little while longer.

... for the next entry I promise some crafting without another halloween picture... think I need to get back to DO something, finally. Not much (nothing!) was done over here, but that's a different story I surely won't tell.

Take care!