From beginning to end - and back

31. Dezember 2007
I want to end the "old" year like I want to start the new one - SEWING.

It just doesn't seem appropriate to end 2007 with a knitting posting - I'm not really a knitter, remember?! Though I have to admit that I like it a lot and that meanwhile my to-knit-list is almost as long as my to-sew-list (not to mention the stash)!

This dress was finished on Dec. 25th, 5 minutes before 12, meaning 5 minutes before we were leaving for the annual christmas lunch with the in-laws. A few months ago I would have said that I wouldn't be caught dead in something similar...


I had a little more than 1 m of a black wool suiting laying around which was just enough to make model no. 111 from the January 2004 BWOF with a raised hemline - a quick sew, if you ask me. AND it goes well with my new boots... ♥

It didn't require any facings or much interlining, the invisible zipper is sewn in in a wink, the lining is bagged and finished through the shoulder seams.
Armholes and neckline of both, lining and outside fabric, are interlined with bias tape so they won't get out of shape.


For the first time I've machine sewn the lining to the zipper tabs, but it didn't really saved me time in comparison to hand sewing. Of course, with some excercise this might go pretty smooth.
There's a better picture of the dress on Püppi - light isn't great these days, and indoor shots are almost impossible, and I wasn't willing to go outside sleeveless.

Short dress, short blogentry.
This already was the last posting for 2007. Next time I'll see/read you it will be a new year, though I hope we all will basically stay the same. Happy new year, my friends!

Bubbles and baubles

27. Dezember 2007
Two days before I put the baubles on our tree, I finished some bubbles - namely the "Bubbly Jacket", as I used to call it.

Bubbly Jacket

Knit as a christmas present for my sister I decided that this surely was the last time that I knit anything with so many bobbles - cables are SO much easier!

The jacket is comfy and cozy... it's warm and it fits... and most important - she likes it! ^-^
Though I used exactly the yarn the pattern called for, my gauge run incredibly small. I was forced to knit a size bigger than my sister actually wears, and it seems it was just right to decide so.
Backside, collar and sleeves are knit in garter stitch, cuffs and front are made using the bobble pattern. I also like how the seams in this piece turned out - almost invisible. A lot of ripping included... and a LOT of loose ends to weave in. I did that "in progress", so I dind't have a hundred ends at one time... a little psychological trick helping me not to drive nuts about that one ;)

Bubbly Jacket

It took me forever to finish it, but now it's done. I'm happy with the result and even more happy that sisterMad does like it.
I got lots of stuff to post... wonderful presents I got, some presents I sent away, some things I finished a minute ago... but I will keep those for another day.

I'm off. Need to look at the most beautiful christmas tree in the world for some minutes! (Yes, I might be prejudiced...) ^-^

Sorry for the bad pics - I couldn't use my own camera and was unfamiliar with the one I used, so I got blurry pics in any lightning and at any angle.

Merry Christmas!

22. Dezember 2007
Wishing all my dear friends out there a Merry Christmas!

Hope your christmas will be like it was in your childhood... without big expectations, but filled with love, warmth and amazement!

Merry Christmas!


16. Dezember 2007

She would make the PERFECT last-minute present... if you are still on the run, go and make one of those!
I knit my new cozy neckwarmer up in an evening, while watching "Around the Wold in 80 days" (yes, the old version). It took me only some remnants from my Wicked sweater (a little more than 1 skein of the wool I used for the collar) and a fabric covered button.
With all the stress of sewing custom knitting needle rolls for the shop and making small presents for my relatives and friends I just needed the feeling of doing something for myself (besides buying those glorious new boots yesterday... *gg*) - well, here it is: My personal make-me-feel-good-treatment.


Pattern: TUDORA by knitty.
Knit on 4.5 mm circular needles.

Loving it. ♥
Feeling very "Elisabeth" in it.

Hope you find the time to treat yourself good, too!

EDIT: Same day, in the evening.
This WAS my collar. It isn't anymore. My friend loved this so much, she literally "ripped" it from my neck... so now it's her christmas present.
We both are happy (for different reasons). Could it be better?!

A fairytale

3. Dezember 2007

Snow White Scarf

"Long, long ago, in the winter-time, when the snowflakes were falling like little white feathers from the sky, a beautiful Queen sat beside her window, which was framed in black ebony, and stitched.
As she worked, she looked sometimes at the falling snow, and so it happened that she pricked her finger with her needle, so that three drops of blood fell upon the snow. How pretty the red blood looked upon the dazzling white! The Queen said to herself as she saw it, "Ah me! If only I had a dear little child with skin as white as the snow, lips as rosy as the blood, and with hair as black as the ebony window-frame."

Snow White Scarf

Snow White Scarf - birthday present for a friend and former co-worker who loves to wear little scarves to add some "diva" to her outfit.
Pattern: Rubblework Scarf by Kathy of Pink Chalk Studio - Thanks for another great pattern! ^-^

Snow White Scarf

This is a lightweight version, featuring red quilting cottons, a decent white-on-white print and black dupioni silk, backed with black cotton poplin. Obviously not for chilly winter days, but more for formal occasions where a little accessory might be needed.

To add a little sparkle, I sewed black sequins & glass beads to the intersection points. I really love the outcome. One of my fave color combinations AND it turned out beautifully!

Snow White Scarf

Kristin recently finished a "male" version of this scarf, adding in the end of her post that she found Kathy's tip very useful to press seam allowances open before turning the scarf rso, and I can absolutely second that.
As I also don't own a tailor's ham, I used what was handy... don't laugh - it was a thick wooden dowel rod... and it worked great!

I can see many more scarves in my future...! ^-^
Have a great week - enjoy whatever you do and be sure to be there on friday & wave me Hello!

Of course you recognized the quote from Snow White... for additional information go Wiki ;)