The missing hours

27. Februar 2008
of saturday can be found here:


If you don't know what (or where) this might be, have a look at the other side - it should be more familiar.

Got it?

We drove there about 3.5 hrs and 3.5 hrs back... makes 7 hrs total in wich I finished my socks and had a quick look at my newly arrived MSB magazine.

city museum

Unfortunately we had to get back on the same day, but nevertheless I enjoyed my visit to Trier, where I haven't been for about 20 years now. Back then the Porta Nigra and the cathedral looked much bigger, but maybe that's normal when you come back to a place you have visited as a child. Things just doesn't look that huge and important anymore when you get older...

I really enjoyed my visit, though we only have been to the city center and we didn't have a tour on the Mosel (too cold!).
A few pics of the cathedral with its famous organ and Trier itself can be found on flickr.

Oh. I didn't mention why we went there? Well.
If you were married to my hubby, you wouldn't ask.


24. Februar 2008 cantatem! (oops! blame it on my recent reads...)
Or better not. Just let me enjoy they're finished...

La Digitessa - 100%

I finally finished my "La Digitessa" socks (ravelry pattern link) on a 7hrs drive yesterday. All has been said about the pattern when I finished sock #1, I only could add another ♥ for it...

The Wollmeise yarn is soft and beautiful as I'm used to and the pattern - though demanding indeed - is really wonderful to work with. Yarnissima did great work (Thank you!).

I was struggling hard how to present those socks right, but I didn't find a good way. Too many lovely details, and I just wasn't able to make pictures that capture everything. In spite of not having pretty pics, here's a shot of the socks laid out flat and an additional shot of the X-wise crossing cuff pattern, which I mirrored for the second sock to achieve a "V"-shape when worn.
The socks weren't blocked, so they look a different... in the pictures, but they are absolutely adorable when worn, trust me on that one!

Now... Enjoy a sunny sunday afternoon!

In the mood...

17. Februar 2008
... for spring.
In my head, this includes spring cleaning.
Not the type of spring cleaning that includes washing down each wall and window or scrubbing the floors till they shine, but more the type of going through my cabinets and cupboards, reorganizing everything and getting rid of some old stuff (not as much as I should, though...).

This week I ranted a lot about my sewing room. It's not small and I really love it, but there's only one wall to put a bookshelf to, so I have a severe storage problem.
There's a three-door-closet in the cellar for most of the fabrics I bought in a larger amount, so fabrics aren't the problem... (did I really say that?!?) It's the growing amount of magazines and books that give me trouble.

While the books are nicely put on the shelf - sorted by type, like knitting/quilting/sewing techniques and sewing inspiration - I store the magazines in those cardboard-boxes you get everywhere. "Fine!" You'd say. But it isn't, actually.
Most of them are now parking in the second row, taking over the desk and conquering the floor, building piles.
Another fact is that I just don't know how to organize them in a good way - meaning that I will find what I search for in less than "a few hours".

Having I-don't-know-how-many issues of Burda WOF, MSB, Patrones, Ottobre, Lifestyle-Magazines and Crafts-magazines, I sometimes loose track what's inside.
It's the one blouse you KNOW you have the pattern for - but where? Which magazine? Which year?
It's the perfect idea for a present for a beloved friend... you saw something in one of those mags... but where? When? Was it in one of those lifestyle-magazines or was it a finished pattern? Damn... you just can't remember...

I clip ads or inspiration from magazines that don't come with patterns and put those clipped papers in a small booklet, together with my notes. I use sticky notes to mark special pages. I also rip the BWOF pattern/instructionals booklet and throw away the rest (you won't believe how many space this is saving!), but with many magazines this just isn't possible.

How do you organize and store your stuff? Do you use your computer to make notes of what is included in which magazine? I'm really interested in your solutions!

Of course, I simply could stop buying magazines. But let's face it: I could also stop breathing, right?! ;)

weekend reads

Hope you have a sunny sunday with enough to read!

Triple C: Custom Camera Cozy DIY

13. Februar 2008
Digtal Camera Cozy
Having only time for the small stuff I managed to sew a pretty (and PINK!) little cozy for my new (and PINK!) camera. Yes... I could have bought one. But where's the fun about it?

Then I thought that a custom camera cosy might be fun for others too, so I made a little tutorial for making your very own. Your camera will feel very happy, safe and warm inside!
Camera Cozy
As mine was finished already and there was no need for a second where I could take pictures of the progress, I tried my hand at drawing the steps for you. You may see that I'm not a freak with those graphic programs, but you will get the idea of what I mean. (Or at least I hope so!)
[Please click on the pictures for larger versions!]

50% means one is finished

11. Februar 2008 least when you are knitting socks.
I proudly present my 100% of 50% of "La Digitessa" by Yarnissima:

La Digitessa - 50%

Yarn: Wollmeise Sockenwolle Superwash, colorway "Farn" (fern), knit on 2.0 mm dpns.

As the first sock is finished nothing new can come my way while knitting the second one, so I'll tell you a bit about the pattern...

The many charts and the "difficult-to-knit-look" of the finished socks may discourage some people, but take it from me: The pattern is excellently written and the charts are wonderful to work with, so don't be afraid! Once you get into the groove it's easy as pie ^-^

I did use the crochet cast on and found the pattern "as such" very good to work with, though it's nothing to knit while reading a book... obviously...
Instead of the recommended double stranded bind off I used the sewn b.o., as I prefer a pretty stretchy upper end and I still do have issues getting the right tension with a knitted bind off (hey - I'm not a knitter, right?!).

As I knit pretty tight my gauge turned out smaller than given in the pattern, but that was just perfectly right for me as I have ridiculous small feet, so I didn't need to alter the number of stitches but only the length of the foot to make the sock fit snugly.
As a consequence of this shorter foot I came to the point where the backside cuff pattern joins at the front of the foot at a different row of the central upper foot pattern, meaning I had to work this area a little different from the chart. It doesn't look bad and is only recognizeable for those who have seen the pattern or the "original socks", but it doesn't look as elegant.
Anyways, I can live with that! ^-^

It took me about 8 evenings to finish this first sock, including successfully trying a "partial frogging" twice.
Hope the second sock will walk off my needles just as quick!

Oh, PS: Yes, I'm on ravelry, too...